Week of July 30th - August 5th 2007

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    The math on those tire sizes works out to 9.2% difference from stock.

    Could you swap the wheels between the two trucks? Put the smaller ones on the one you use most?
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    [Deleted -- posted for the wrong week.]
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    Friday PM commute:
    45.3mpg (SG2)
    48.9mpg (FCD)
    tank ave. 41.7mpg

    Saturday trip out:
    42.2mpg (SG2)
    45.6mpg (FCD)
    tank ave. 41.7mpg

    Saturday trip back:
    46.0mpg (SG2)
    49.5mpg (FCD)
    tank ave. 41.8mpg
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    Note: For previous weeks, look [post="42532"]here[/post], and for later weeks, look [post="42534"]here[/post].

    Late hit, but here's week 31

    Data Dump...

    #NotesStart tripStart mpgStart SoCEnd tripEnd mpgEnd SoCAvg mpgTrip mi°F50W carEr± mpg
    01Fri Kids to School 8/3318.159.95332.460.3570.8214.391.01.03.1
    02Sun Errands332.460.35379.860.3460.3047.486.0?0.8
    03Sun Errands379.860.34383.360.3460.303.581.0?11.2
    04Sun Errands383.360.34394.660.3460.3011.393.0?3.5

    Weeks stats
    Current city64.44% Goal EPA_mpg for current city/hwy split56.46 mpg
    Current hwy35.56% Current_mpg for current city/hwy split62.02 mpg

    Difference (PoE)109.9 %

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