Week of Feb. 5th - Feb. 11th, 2007

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  1. dcoyne78

    dcoyne78 Well-Known Member

    Filled the tank today at 343.8 miles 57.0 MPG on the display and 55.5 MPG (6.203 gal). I'll take it with average temperature at 5 F for the week. This time I filled near my house so the next tank won't have a net downhill.
    This mornings segment was pretty bad because I forgot to plug in the block heater last night and got 49 MPG over 11 miles at 10 F. Earlier in the week at 7 and 8 F, I got 57 MPG over the same segment. I had done this same test comparing FE with and without block heater at temps in the mid thirties and the results were inconclusive. I am not sure there is a lot of benefit cost wise above 35 F (not at 16 cents per KWhr and no I didn't forget any decimals.) I buy green power produced from low impact hydro-power and wind so at least the electricity used is not adding more CO2 to the atmosphere.

  2. tarabell

    tarabell Well-Known Member

    Bruce, I'm so glad you mentioned that. I checked wunderground and saw indeed we had 85% humidity that morning. Great information we can use.

    And Brick, my thanks for starting this weekly thread which has clearly grown in popularity. Who knew we all needed this little outlet?

    More OT: Yesterday I see a familiar pattern of tiny black splots on my car roof...ha, I carefully step back and then andonlythen look up, and joy! Baby birds, hidden deep in the greenery growing over the driveway trellis. Never been so glad to see poop on the car again. Those mourning doves have been busy making whoopee.
  3. Bruce

    Bruce cheapskate

    Thanks! Wunderground's data may be a bit conservative; fog and/or rain generally indicate 100% humidity.

    A great time for fog in the northern states are late winter evenings/mornings during a warm spell when the temp hits around 55-60°F and there's still snow on the ground.

    I suspect that the effect of humidity on aerodynamic drag may dampen the FE hit from temperature over the course of a day somewhat at higher speeds, since RH typically rises as the temperature drops over the course of a day. When I started line drying my clothes last summer to save some electricity, I learned pretty quickly to not leave them out overnight. :eek:

    34.6 MPG for yesterday afternoon, still hauling junk around; tank's at 35.2. The extra weight comes out today.

    I've been used to the efficiency hit from bike commuting. At least in a car, the decrease in efficiency is demonstrated by a loss of FE rather than a loss of speed. :D I've learned to get through winter by celebrating the winter solstice, after which the days get longer, and the end of January, after which the average temperature gets warmer (usually -- certainly not this year -- and usually very slowly).
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  4. brick

    brick Answers to "that guy."

    Ugh. The MFD read 47.3mpg, but I only made it 212 miles before I got down to the third pip and I pumped in a whopping 5.4 gallons for a 39mpg tank. It'll balance out...again...but it's really annoying. The problem is that it's convenient to go to a different station every time so the fill is either way less or way more than the last time. Stupid bladder, stupid weather.
  5. locutus

    locutus MPG Centurion

    Trip to Pewaukee today for the block heater install (thanks Bradlee!!). 49.0 the way there on the freeway (all possible drafting targets insisted on going 72+, ugh), and 50.2 on the way back taking secondary highways. Some nice short segments fully warmed up after I got back running some errands, for a net MFD change of 47.8 / 133 miles / 7 pips to 49.1 / 282 miles / 3 pips (those middle pips always go fast). I might salvage 50 for the tank yet!! Early forecast for next week looks like a pretty consistent 0F low/20F high, pretty comparable to last week, so I should have good before and after comparisons with the block heater to post. :)
  6. mparrish

    mparrish Rosie the Riveter Redux

    A cold day in Austin. I won't need a block heater but maybe 20-30 days a year, and today was definitely one of those days. Hope it all went smoothly in Wisconsin.

    Filled up at 60.3 mpg with 1 pip blinking. Then loaned the car to the wife, who started off the new tank at 42. She's a work in progress :)

    New goal is a 600 mile tank, and a fillup after a full two weeks. Gotta have goals to keep it fun. And of course, continuing to hit 60 mpg.

    What we Texas folks will need in 6 months is a group "cabin block AC install", or something fictitious like that :)
  7. Dan

    Dan KiloTanked in post 153451

    I hear ya, but from what I hear, the summer gas will help. I am curious to see if mileage is worse with AC on at a 110F day, or with it bone cold. I would think the northerners have it worse cuz they take a hit with both cold and heater, but Texas only take a hit with AC (and you can bet mine will be on!).

    My Hypermiler mod of the day.... Good metallic tint Job.

    Just for grins in my wife's old nissan we installed a temp guage ($20 job from Autozone). Well the first day at the mall, we come back out to the car, and it melted, no kidding the palstic melted. The display read (after we cooled the cabin off) 120F but I would think it got a good deal past that.
  8. JimboK

    JimboK One owner, low mileage

    Despite the cold, I've gotten off to a good start on this tank thanks to cross-town trips. As of yesterday, the MFD shows 58.7 MPG @ 172 miles. I was especially pleased with yesterday's commute: 63+ MPG in the a.m. despite starting out with temps in the teens, and 70.1 on the return trip. I'm still experimenting with minor route variations to maximize P&G opportunities.

    It's probably taking a hit today. My fiancee and I are going out, and she won't tolerate cabin heat being off.
  9. Dan

    Dan KiloTanked in post 153451

    Note: For previous best trips, look [post=20618]here[/post], and for later best trips, look [post=21286]here[/post].

    Good weekend driving. I had a 30 mile trip that had timed lights. It was perfect. Managed to get the timing on over half of them.

    Turned into my best trip this tank. 68 mpg. I've updated my [post=20401]trip list[/post], but now I have a good (for me at least) consumption screen. Four bars over 75 mpg. Sony Phone pic, kinda grainy.
    Note: For previous screens, look [post=20618]here[/post], and for later screens, look [post=21368]here[/post].
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  10. brick

    brick Answers to "that guy."

    The highways have not treated me well. I was over 50mpg after about 30 miles of driving around town on the new tank. Then I headed home at 60-65mph up and down all those hills for 105 miles, knocking me down to 47mpg. The funniest part is that I'm sitting at 47.4 right now because of a six or mile shopping trip down and back up the hill. This thing is a FE monster around town when the engine isn't ice cold.
  11. locutus

    locutus MPG Centurion

    Oh definitely, it's getting there that's the problem. :) I love busting out segments at 70+ when fully warmed up (multiple errands to run or whatever) even when it's still frigid outside. It's that whole warming up thing before that.

    First day with the block heater, and the initial trip was definitely on the high side of what I've seen in the past for comparable conditions - 51.8 for 4.6 miles at 18 degrees. The scangauge couldn't make up its mind what about the WT when I first started up... it was 94, then jumped to 109, then back to 94, then down to 82...??? :confused: But I was out of stage 1 much earlier for sure.

    Net gain for the day from 49.1 to 49.3, still hanging on to 3 pips (and thanks to errands to run around town, and outside temps finally warm enough to use the EV button again :D ). I'm getting my 50 MPG tank back. ;) (And of course not stopping there.)

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