Week of Feb. 5th - Feb. 11th, 2007

Discussion in 'The Daily Grind' started by brick, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. tarabell

    tarabell Well-Known Member

    Got to work today at 65.5mpg, a number I haven't seen for a while now, and worse--no particular idea why. And it wasn't even (relatively speaking) warm, about 48F and foggy. I'll never understand why I can't do this every day.
  2. Dan

    Dan KiloTanked in post 153451

    I was afraid that using EV would drain SoC too quick and and I may be beyond the range of useful EV operation.

    I'm usually at the Highway within 5 minutes. I have a short jog through my neighborhood with a few long deserted patches (take the back exit). NICE-on has been very helpful in getting the tanny to disengage while coasting. Noticed a real boost in MPG today in no small part due to the ounce or two I saved with NICE-on.

    Hope it doesn't fry the transmission like I did in my last car :embarassed:. I figured the Prius was all drive by wire and well equiped to take jolts into "N" and back into "D", but I could be wrong.

    But the good news (since I've started another post) is that the stellar 63 mpg commute I had in this morning finally tipped my average for this week and tank over EPA :woot:

    I've [post=20401]posted[/post] the update in my [post=20401]commute log[/post] for this week.
  3. Bruce

    Bruce cheapskate

    Fog is a result of low vapor pressure, which means a lower air density. Low air density has less aerodynamic drag. High temperatures also have a low air density.

    Over many years of commuting by bike, I've come to appreciate that the fastest (ie. most efficient) conditions for cycling are 100% humidity, about 55°F and no wind. The air density is very low, and the temperature is low enough to allow for adequate cooling.
  4. dcoyne78

    dcoyne78 Well-Known Member

    You are doing great ! I didn't realize you had such a short commute, your numbers over the past 6 months are incredible given that short a commute, when it gets warm do you just ride a bike?

  5. Dan

    Dan KiloTanked in post 153451

    Ha.. here I thought I had done so well today as well :eek: . Turns out there was a lot of fog on the way in for me too. Made it hard to judge the lights.
  6. locutus

    locutus MPG Centurion

    Absolutely! "Warm" is relative too. As long as the roads are clear I'll bike down to about 20 degrees. :eek: It'll be hard to get above EPA lifetime with this pattern (less driving in the summer, more in the winter) but I think no consumption trumps the 65+ I can get on this route when I do have to drive during the summer. :flag:
  7. laurieaw

    laurieaw Sorceress of the North

    oh, foo. i ended up with about 43.5 on this tank. i just can't fight the cold weather.....:(
  8. Bruce

    Bruce cheapskate

    A few short trips last night and a longer one to my wife's place, then to work today with junk in the trunk (several gallons of Gatorade concentrate). 35-36 MPG the last day or so, tank's at the same. With the extra weight, average speed was lower for the same throttle position, glides were longer and more energy was lost when braking, as you'd expect.

    19°F this morning. I was following a pickup doing 45-50 on the expressway, so I pulled a D-FAS on a couple of downhills.

    I should add some fender skirts this weekend.
  9. dcoyne78

    dcoyne78 Well-Known Member

    I don't think many of us (except Wayne maybe) could do much better wth the temps you have been seeing in Minnesota. Only 6 more weeks until Spring (although in Minnesota it may not feel like spring until mid to late April.)

  10. Chuck

    Chuck just the messenger

    A good commute - 78.2mpg at 38F. Good even though towards the end this A-hole pickup would not let me exit the freeway on one of those old combined entrance/exit ramps. :mad: For a couple of seconds I considered doing something stupid, but came to the conclusion to let it go.
  11. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi All:

    ___I had the opportunity to drive Pravus Prime’s 2005 AWD FEH into and out of downtown Chicago for the Auto Show yesterday. Temps in the 0 degree range, usual heavy Chicago traffic as we took the arterials most of the way and a rather lousy 31.5 RT to show for it. I have seen the FEH FWD hang in the mid 40’s in summer temps doing the same and I just couldn’t break it out of the winter time slump :(

    ___Good Luck

  12. Chuck

    Chuck just the messenger


    An FEH was the first hybrid other than my own I've driven. It was 80F and got the FE to 36.5mpg if memory serves me correctly. It was away from heavy traffic, too.

    The circumstances were Wolfman from PriusChat was attempting to organize a hybrid gathering in the D/FW area - we met at a Sonic in Grapevine. Nobody else showed up. :( Maybe someone could fill me on Wolfman, but work forced him to trade in his Prius for an FEH, he stepped down as a moderator from PC, and I've not heard from him again. Hope he is doing well...
  13. brick

    brick Answers to "that guy."

    Made it up to 48.2 during the 15F heat wave this morning. We might or might not be taking the Prius on a little road trip this weekend. It would be nice to try for a solid highway segment through familiar terrain, as I haven't done it in a while. I'm also getting kind of tired of burning fuel in the XC when the Prius can easily fit us and our stuff at double the FE.
  14. locutus

    locutus MPG Centurion

    45.4 at -3 this morning. A couple of things pushed this down from where it could have been. One - I had an unexpected stop for ~30 seconds less than a mile into it (still too cold for the engine to cut, so I was just idling the whole time), and two - extra trolling around the parking lot to find a (poor) spot, with unnecessary ICE-on because of the MUCH lowered threshold for low-speed EV in these temps. Argh. I felt like it was worth maybe 48 otherwise. Good P&G, good traffic, and good DWB due to good traffic.

    Is "days until my EV button works again" a valid unit of measurement? :rolleyes:

    *Edit* Other notes from yesterday: Yesterday's trips pulled the avg up to 48.0. I don't remember the last time I've been down 3 pips with only 115 miles on the tank. The commute home yesterday was one of the more hostile segments in recent times - no fewer than 3 tailgaters, and one guy who started honking because I wouldn't pull out into traffic while waiting to turn left. I'm starting to wonder if I adjust (read: worsen) my technique based on other traffic way too much.
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  15. Dan

    Dan KiloTanked in post 153451

    Good weather and a new route paid off, 60.11 mpg @51F. Nothing stellar, but I'm eking just past EPA numbers. Seems the addition of NICE-on and DWL were the last bits I needed to pull it off. I've [post=20401]updated[/post] my [post=20401]commute log[/post] with the results.

    One thing I did come up with (laugh if I'm crazy) was to switch from mph to km/h. The reason is kinda' spinal tap in nature. "It goes to 11". I started doing it on DWL. The problem was that once my speed started to drop, it would drop fast. By the time I saw it go from 55mph to 54mph it was too late for a good correction. By the time I'd adjusted my acceleration I was all the way down to 53 or 52. That required a larger correction than I was happy with.

    So now my goal is 90 km/h. Acceleration and deceleration show up faster on km/h so my corrections are not as drastic. My old DWL parameters were 50-60mph, my new DWL parameters are 85-95 km/h. My new P&G window is 50-65 km/h.
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  16. locutus

    locutus MPG Centurion

    Nice work. :D OK, since it's not in the glossary, can someone explain what "NICE-on" means? :confused:
  17. brick

    brick Answers to "that guy."

    Neutral coasting with the ICE idling. In these temps I spend the first ten minutes of my commute doing plenty of it...not in neutral, just failed attempts to glide.
  18. locutus

    locutus MPG Centurion

    Thanks, makes sense now. Is there any advantage to popping into neutral instead of just normal P&G (where the "G" won't be ICE-off)? I've been able to get no arrows in early stage 2 operation with displayed MPG ~ 3*MPH during a "glide", is dropping into N any different?
  19. diamondlarry

    diamondlarry Super MPG Man/god :D

    Temps were 5F this morning. By the time I got to work the SG was showing an average of 46.1 for the 15.4 mile trip. I was able to break into the 50 mpg range this morning on one of the legs.:woot: This afternoon, the temp was ~20F and I had 52.3 for both legs of the commute and the average for the whole day was at 48.7.:D
  20. Dan

    Dan KiloTanked in post 153451

    I started a new Prius [post=20545]thread[/post] with your question so as not to derail the Daily Grind thread.
    But my thoughts on the subject are yes it does improve FE because the ICE is not carrying any load. When I attempt a failed glide in stage 1, the ICE engages and tries to answer my acceleration feathering by supplying the drive train with power. Sure the mpg is in the low 90's or high 80's, but when I throw it into "N" it jumps to 99.9.

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