3 Month Economy Run June 1--August 30, 2008

Discussion in 'The Daily Grind' started by lamebums, May 31, 2008.

  1. Entered last tank for this 3month run. I did have a PR on distance for me of 630.1 miles.

    This tank was 30.78 MPG thats 186.5% of EPA.

    The ball is in your court Auston good luck. I couldn't expect anymore out of a 4x4 explorer i'm happy :)
  2. A024523

    A024523 Currently in Training

    Nice push for the finish line, that's your 3rd 30+ MPG in a row in that beast! Looks like Auston has his work cut out for him.
  3. atlaw4u

    atlaw4u Well-Known Member

    Good morning all. My wife and I are leaving for vacation in the morning. We are taking her car and driving from Dallas, TX to Durango, CO to do some camping/hiking. I'm hoping her Honda CR-V will average 30+mpg for the trip, which includes hauling roughly 500 pounds of gear.

    I filled up my Insight this morning since we won't be back in town until September 2. My LMPG has now reached 96mpg and I had my best trip mileage from my office to the house of 123.8 mpg covering 18.2 miles.

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  4. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    Nice work, Reid!!! :thumbs_up:

    My lifetime is right at 90.9mpg right now -- I'm hoping it will be up over 91mpg by the time I finish this tank. :)
  5. jamtee

    jamtee Well-Known Member

    I know the feeling too. With my slower driving I am now commuting for 2 hrs a day. Luckily this is all moving, no traffic jams or heavy traffic.

    I just posted my last tank, 47.8 mpg. I can't wait to see the divisions for the next challenge!.
  6. lamebums

    lamebums Member

    If you didn't point it out I would have probably gone with those numbers the entire time and then wondered why I barely cracked 150% :p
  7. moneysaver

    moneysaver Well-Known Member

    No Problem....any time....
  8. lamebums

    lamebums Member

    I just read this. I have a 65 tank in the works which would put me to 175% but it won't be done by the 1st.

    Imagine losing to a 4x4 Explorer which I am about to do :eek: unless a miracle happens here.
  9. diamondlarry

    diamondlarry Super MPG Man/god :D

    I won't be finished with this tank until close to the middle of September. I'm half tempted to abort my 1225 mile goal and fill Saturday or Sunday but probably won't.
  10. theLimeyBrit

    theLimeyBrit Padawan

    Wow, what a tank I'm on! 315 miles down, spreadsheet estimates less than 10 gallons (out of 17.5) used so far for an average of 31.9mpg. Even given that my spreadsheet tends to be optimistic, these are the best numbers I've ever seen. I'm going into Dallas again Friday night, hopefully I'll be able to make it back at least as far as my favorite gas station in Terrell (if not further!) and end the run with broken records for MPG and distance- I was impressed when I broke 400 miles, but there's a chance I could hit 500 on this one!
  11. moneysaver

    moneysaver Well-Known Member

    I think I am gonna fill up my tank on Sunday on the 31st so that I will know exactly how I did for the challange. This will also set me up for the next challange which starts on Labor day.
  12. Ophbalance

    Ophbalance Administrator Staff Member

    Alrighty, I've got my last tank in for this run. I'm at 39.5 for the summer. Not too shabby considering I started out at 28-29 MPG ;).
  13. theLimeyBrit

    theLimeyBrit Padawan

    Great work!
  14. Ophbalance

    Ophbalance Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks. I think, however, that's about the limit for this car. Especially since there are times where the missus will take it out. The best I've seen her average is 37 MPG... which isn't bad! It's just not breaking into the 40s and stuffs my tanks numbers ;). More than anything else, short trips with a lot of starts/stops under 35 MPH just makes the MPG plummet.
  15. A024523

    A024523 Currently in Training

    Matthew, going from 28-29 to the 40s on your last two tanks is a huge improvement, and I'm sure you would rank really high on a "most improved" category. :D

    I just put in my last tank, which was not my best this summer, but certainly beats any tanks prior to summer. Dropped my percentage slightly, but still better than I ever imagined I could do when I signed up for the summer run! :eek: Thanks to everyone for pushing me to excel!
  16. Ophbalance

    Ophbalance Administrator Staff Member

    Well, it also keeps me out of the "Most likely to have his car impounded for speeding" category ;). Heck, the first tank in my log was mostly just me slowing down from my 72-80 MPH range to running at the PSL. And I shortly stopped using A/C as well. I'm going to hate losing a few MPGs over the winter... well, I'm not sure how they reformulate for NC. We don't have much of a winter here, at least they've been mild for the last two years.
  17. lamebums

    lamebums Member

    I did it. But just barely. :)

    498.0 miles, 7.826 gallons, 63.634 MPG.

    172.90 vs. 172.61% of EPA.


    The smallest hole in the wallet a fill has ever cost me, I dare to say :flag::woot:
  18. Congratulations! Kick A$$ job!
  19. lamebums

    lamebums Member

    So, here's the kicker: I tried to top it off. I started rocking the car back and forth ("Come on, you can put more in there.") Click. Click. Click.

    And this guy on the other side gives me this look as he's filling up his F150 dual cab...
  20. moneysaver

    moneysaver Well-Known Member

    Hey Auston.

    Did you physically rock the car back and forth? :eek:

    I bet the look on the guy's face gotta be priceless:D

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