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    I'll tell ya about....... SMUG! The other day I had a SMUG event, occur to me. A driver was weaving in & out of traffic. Clearing the traffic, he was gone, over the speed limit. Meanwhile, I continued at my "sub-speed limit" way. Three miles later, I come around a bend in the road & see a Stater giving out a ticket........ to the same guy who was weaving & racing through traffic.
    That was my seventh "SMUG event".
    How many "SMUG events" have other people had?
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    Gotta love karma. :) I wish it would happen more often. In my world, there's rarely a patrol car or state trooper around when you need them to catch someone.
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    I do try to keep a lid on my smugness. I don't talk about it to others , it's just a warm
    ( smug ) feeling inside.
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    You're right. Of my seven "SMUG events", I believe all of them have been on highways or freeways. I don't think any of my "SMUG events" occurred on back country roads (which I travel often), where I have seen much speeding, racing & reckless driving.
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