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  1. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    I never thought to use the washer fluid. Like I said , winter caught me with my pants down. I will give that a try next time.
    I try to NOT use any heat ( including front electric defrost ) until I get on the highway which is about eight miles from home.
    During that eight miles today , it took three miles to get the engine to the temperature where it will shut off consistently (about 154 F).
    Then next five miles just barely kept it at that level. Lots of glides.
    It's not until I merge onto the highway ( using a whopping 2000 RPM ) that the coolant temp reaches 190.

    Today , 40.5 deg F , wind W14. 35.0 miles , 61.19 MPG. Tank is at 331.5 miles , 60.73 MPG.

    I did put in one piece of pipe insulation yesterday. I'll see if I can find some more when I get home tonight.
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  2. BillLin

    BillLin PV solar, geothermal HVAC, hybrids and electrics

    I'm going to start keeping a spray bottle of washer fluid in the house for those cold mornings. Could even warm up the fluid container section of the spray bottle in the microwave. :) [edit: bad thought, naughty thought! forget that... thanks Jason]

    I forgot I had one of those! :) Thanks! Requires forethought, though...

    "They" don't make it easy for buyers of US cars to get the engine block heater. I usually see that option as "fleet only" or if you're in Alaska. I'm guessing factory installed engine block heaters are easier to come by in Canada?
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  3. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

    50F here this morning with the wind blowing to drop degrees all day long. We're gonna get frost tonight.

    60.1 / 11.5 - school and work this morning

    Tank 58.8 / 21 mi and well above F.
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  4. Die2self

    Die2self Saving more by using less!

    Warm fluids on a cold glass, can have major issues if there is any type of defect in the glass (thermal shock). I would not recommend that. However, I second the grill blocking, cover for the windshield and heater block.

    You can use 1 part water to 2 parts rubbing alcohol (70% or higher) to spray on the windshield either before or after icing will/has occurred. You may also want to put a little in your spray reservoir to help with freezing issues.

    ;) b__^o^__d
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  5. BillLin

    BillLin PV solar, geothermal HVAC, hybrids and electrics

    Good point. Thanks.
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  6. jcp123

    jcp123 Caliente!

    My Ma cracked a windshield in a rented Rover 75 one winter when we were visiting family in Austria. She idled the car with defrost on while we said goodbyes. There's your thermal shock!

    Not being all that familiar with winter driving, right after this she launched it in reverse right out of the rather steeply inclined driveway straight into the fence post across the street.

    Everything went pretty smoothly after that. Just don't ask about our left lane adventure on a derestricted Autobahn section...

    Ah, good memories.
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  7. BillLin

    BillLin PV solar, geothermal HVAC, hybrids and electrics

    I'll be sure to look at gentler and more even heat application, even if that's just a few degrees above freezing.
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  8. puddleglum

    puddleglum Well-Known Member

    Had some errands on the way home so not my usual route, but still did okay. 55.2 mpg - 10.6 miles

    Yes, it is extremely rare here to find buy any vehicle that doesn't come with a block heater. It has never made any sense to me why block heaters are so uncommon south of the border. There are a lot of states that get just as cold of winters as we do here. The fuel savings alone is well worth the cost, but more than that, the reduced wear on the engine from cold starts makes it a no brainer in my mind. Problem is, most people still think if the engine will still start without one, then there is no need to use it.

    The Prius is a ideal candidate too cause the block heater is a super easy install. I found a few links you can check if you're interested.

    Toyota Canada wants a ridiculous price, but I doubt the heater is any better. Not sure it would help you much with your Prime though, Bill. You probably drive on battery power for long enough that engine would cool back off anyway.
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  9. BillLin

    BillLin PV solar, geothermal HVAC, hybrids and electrics

    Thanks for the info, Kevin. An engine block heater would be nice, but I'm basically lazy and cheap, too, so I'm not likely to make it happen.

    The Prime can probably work fine without the engine block heater and won't need the grill block, I think. But then, that's the wife's car and she probably won't even do much winter driving. She hates driving in snow. I, on the other hand, will be driving the 2012 Prius Plug-in through anything the winter weather can dish out. I'll have snow tires, that's about it. I'll have to relearn how to turn off the traction control so I can get unstuck or make it up certain hills in snow. The plug-in aspect does help out with cold starts in winter as you surmised. Today, I drove to work on my short commute in EV mode. The temp had risen to the 60s by the time I was ready to head home so no extended engine on time without the capability to have the auto-stop function at stops.
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  10. They sell a 'night before ' spray for you windshield. Spray in on if you know there's snow and ice coming and it won't freeze on the windshield. Works pretty good. I used to keep it in the truck all those winters I spent sleeping in the back seat in a truck stop or Walmart parking lot.
    I've still got a couple gallons of straight methanol I spike the washer fluid with about this time of year, lower the freeze point

    Winter tires are on the truck and bought a set for the gfs Grand caravan too. See had nearly bald tires. Guess we have 5 months or so to find a set of wheels on Craigslist for summer. Been using the block heater for a while now. If it's cool enough I want a jacket, I plug the truck in. Block heater, trans pan heater and battery tender
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  11. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    I imagine a block heater will make a big impact on a hybrid's winter fuel economy. It takes me forever to get the coolant to operating temperature ,
    especially because there are a few downhill glides in my first 3 miles. I think I will check on Priuschat or YouTube to see how difficult it
    might be to install. I'm not the most mechanically inclined guy. The most I do on a car these days is change the oil and filter , and I have yet to
    do that on the Prius
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  12. puddleglum

    puddleglum Well-Known Member

    Judging from that video, it's pretty easy. Dry fit so no coolant to drain.
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  13. puddleglum

    puddleglum Well-Known Member

    Quite a few short trips this weekend. 5 trips Saturday and 5 today. 20.7 miles. 47.2 mpg. Tank is at 51.4 - 173 miles F___/___I______E
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  14. Gord

    Gord Super Moderator Staff Member

    Friday went to York for the weekend, 5UP, 54°F, 5mph headwind N, great run including a pick-up of eldest daughter from her house:
    51.2 / 64.7

    Coming home Sunday afternoon, 5UP, 50°F, 8mph tail/crosswind NW - dropped daughter off:
    46.6 / 46.8

    Daughter's to mum's, 4UP, 50°F, 9mph tailwind N:
    51.6 / 14.2

    Mum's to home, 4UP, 50°F, 7mph tailwind N:
    40.7 / 4.3
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