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  1. GM sent the same engineer from Milford. Hybrid integration or something. He and dealer tech spent most of the day Monday on it.

    Still not fixed.

    I put in 5:30 am calls to the engineer ( have his card and direct number), the dealership, GM executive office rep and the office at GM that handles the BBB claims. Engineer and dealer called back. Pretty good call with engineer. He would like to get the car to Milford for a couple days to work on, where he could spend more time on it and not tie up the dealership employee and bay.
    Dealership said they have contacted the brand quality rep or some one like that.

    No calls from GM headquarters yet
  2. ALS

    ALS Super Moderator Staff Member

    Well it looks like you have someones attention to your problem. Hopefully they'll find the source of the fault and solve it sooner than later.
  3. GM called today. Told me there was nothing they can do for me. But if I'd like them to help 'facilitate repairs' she would be happy to do that
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    Maybe add #chevyvolt to your tweets. It'll get more views that way.
  5. Been adding @chevyvolt @mtbarra @chevycustcare to almost all of them
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    Yeah that'll do it. How long is your remaining lease?
  7. Not a lease. Purchased
  8. PaleMelanesian

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    Well. Crap. Yeah, no waiting this out. Spam it all over Twitter.
  9. Yup. Multiple times a day. Hitting fb too. I'll probably get banned from the volt forum again, last time it was for posting needless spam about my self inflicted issues. (Self inflicted because I am refusing to take my car in for service).

    Anywhere else? Instagram?
  10. ALS

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    I'd hit every gas mileage and green energy board.

    Don't forget to also hit the Chevy boards not just the Volt side.

    Remind them that if their Corvette or Camaro has issues GM is going play similar games trying to get out of fixing the car or replacing it under the lemon laws.

    Have you contacted Sixty Minutes yet? They love the little guy getting pissed on by the evil corporation angle everytime.
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    Man. I remember reading about this before. I can't believe they are still trying to play these games with you. It's absolutely inexcusable. At some point, you would think that someone would put on the same manager hat I once wore, take the hit, keep the customer happy (probably too late for that here), and wash their hands of it. Were I any middle manager at GM, the buyback would be worth it just to forward it to an engineering team and find what's going on. Add the knowledge to your files, etc.

    GM is making no sense here whatsoever.

    Best of luck and best wishes.
  12. They're not happy with me now.

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  13. Over a week at Milford and it's still not fixed.
    Why even send it back to me?!?!
    Did they not even check it out after the repairs?
    Now my radio volume knob increases and decreases the center stack brightness in addition to random flashing if the center stack lights .

  14. xcel

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    Hi James:

    Start taking video of each repair, fix, and the aftermath, and post it to YouTube. Then you can call it Fix #33, 34, 35 etc.

    Posting commentary is not making it. Record it and show it to everyone. GM will fix it but instead of descriptions, use your phone and video the craziness.

    I hope that helps?

  15. Yea, I've put the last couple on YouTube. Haven't linked the latest yet but it's on there. Lady I needed to talk to at GM on the volt team wasn't in yesterday. Hopefully she'll call back today. Dealership said they are passing the not fixed message up the line too.

    Noticed this morning that turning up the HVAC fan speed brightens the center stack lights too.
  16. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    Sounds like the electrical gremlins that plague my friend's Camry. A SEVENTEEN-YEEAR-OLD Camry.
  17. ILAveo

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    Interesting. Sounds sort of like turning more circuits on gives you a better ground.
  18. TheFordFamily

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    Crikey. I would definitely say start contacting the government. It could be unsafe! #RecallAgain
  19. Its Sad, but glad it's still getting attention.

    I call the 800# for the volt team customer service after I get the car back and left a polite and professional message. No call back.

    Engineer stops in at the GFs work and says 'your bf should be getting his car back soon'. She told him I got it back Friday and it still isn't fixed. She said he seem upset that it wasn't . Then I get a call back from what sounded like a confused rep saying ' I've been told to see if you are available for a conference call with a couple of the engineers. I don't know what it is about, they just asked if we could set up a time to call.'.

    I am so happy the volt team is still working on this and trying to figure it out. But it sucks big time that the 'reguler' GM customer service people have told me to get lost, and the only reason it's getting worked on is an employee saw my car and knows my gf.

    Conference call scheduled.
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    Is GM aware of this thread?
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