Week of June 11 - June 17, 2007 (US Ave $3.13)

Discussion in 'The Daily Grind' started by Right Lane Cruiser, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    Guess I get to start off this week!

    I'm off to a good start but I think that the week is going to be hard on the numbers. I'll be doing a lot of extra driving at odd times for my work this week so there will be lots of extra miles without optimization.

    At any rate:

    Temp at 66F, no wind, partly cloudy:

    1) 47.1mpg for 25.4mi (Home to work)

    SG reports 46.4mpg over 336mi (337.2mi ODO) with 8.8g left. The fuel gauge is pointing at just over 3/4 right now, so not too bad. ;)

    I did not manage to get those mods done in my car and I'll be getting home late every night this week. I'm not sure how long it will take for me to get the gumption up to start tacking extra wires in!! :eek:
  2. JimboK

    JimboK One owner, low mileage

    Re: Week of June 11 - June 17, 2007

    I started the commute from my fiancee's house with everything out of sync, it seemed -- traffic timed wrong, EV mode activated or deactivated when I intended the other, cars behind me during some normally good P&G segments, whatever. It got a little better toward the end, and I finished at 68 MPG, 58F.
  3. Chuck

    Chuck just the messenger

    83.8mpg this morning.

    A coworker helped me push the car into the parking lot - they know my game now. :D
  4. Skwyre7

    Skwyre7 Well-Known Member

    67.2 MPG this morning.
  5. laurieaw

    laurieaw Sorceress of the North

    i am at 66.7 now, back at work. the two H's did me in.....highway and headwinds.
  6. SlowHands

    SlowHands Hypermiling Ironman

    An ok trip in to work, traffic, train, tailgaters, blew 3 glides again, not the same ones as last week, managed a 31.3 mpg.
  7. Dan

    Dan KiloTanked in post 153451

    14.3 mi @ 80.4 mpg @ 82 ºF = 138.2 PoE

    Man Sean, Your sitting well over 150% PoE. That's insane!
    Chuck, Now that's dedication... There is a guy down here that gives me a hard time and keeps threatening to tow me in his hummer. Might take him up on it.
    Laurie, Breaking 66.6 in a Prius is like crossing the sonic barrier, don't know why. Certainly looks like an evil number. Turns out 66.6 is the EPA's 2007 unadjusted combined mileage for the Prius II ;). Great Civic piloting.

    Second ever 80+ commute! Here's the kicker... that was WITH AC at 79 ºF :D.

    Pre-EBH/EV/S1a AC-on commutes were in the high 60's low 70's. This is easily a 10% boost in FE. Got up late this morning and only had time for a 30min soak with the EBH, but I think I was just north of 130 ºF (55 ºC) after S1.

    For those tracking my S1a experiments, my warm-up FE (with S1a) was 66 (Pre-EBH/EV/S1a was 45).

    In eco-terms, this consumed 150 Wh of electricity with a GHG equivalent of 2 oz gas and saved me 3.65 oz of gas. Netting a reduction in GHG this morning of 1.65 oz gas or 3.92 oz CO2.

    Saves money, gas, and GHG. Total win this morning.

    Sitting at 2 pips and excel tells me my next fillup (barring any gas baths) should get me my hypermiler star ;). I should know Wed.

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  8. lightfoot

    lightfoot Reformed speeder

    Drove 130 miles to Boston yesterday evening. On the Mass Pike a young woman from New York in an older compact (Corolla?) trailed me for miles, going a steady 51-52 mph as I P&G'd back and forth from 60-50. Kept the tailgaters off my tail, bless her!!! When she finally went by as we approached Boston I wanted to thank her but she eased past, looking straight ahead.

    The best part was that until I hit the local streets the Subaru averaged 32.2mpg - WITH a covered 26' rowing shell plus a second boat rack on the roof (IOW, serious aero drag) and normal tire pressures (really must do something about that!). This was really satisfying.
  9. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi Sean:

    ___I thought we lost you there for a few days! I see you are right back on track with the Elantra too!

    ___Jim, Michael and Laurie, all in the mid to upper 60’s in (2) Prius II’s and an HCH I see. That is some competition you all are having!

    ___Chuck, that 100 mpg segment is just out of reach but you will get it sooner or later ;)

    ___Ken, any day above the EPA is a good one in my book. Especially knowing what you are driving through!

    ___Dan, gold star of the day :)

    ___Lightfoot, we need that sig so we know how you are doing?

    ___73 - 86 degrees F with 0 - 10 mph side/tail winds. 77.8 per the SG-II into the drive. MFD took 2 ticks up. 5th pip fell off at 535 miles.


    ___Good Luck

  10. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    It's not enough! It's NOT enough!! ;) Yeah, I'm hooked. :D

    Nope -- still here! ;) I didn't drive over the weekend at all -- just parked it on Thursday and it didn't move until this morning. I was on call over the weekend and that pretty much means I'm chained to the house (with high speed network) because my response SLA (Service Level Agreement) is all of 10 minutes. Can't go very far with that kind of timeframe...

    I just wish I'd been able to rig the lights to stay on with the ignition off on Friday as I had intended!!
  11. tarabell

    tarabell Well-Known Member

    Barely eked out 64mpg on the way in to work today. Laurie you seem to be extending that wonderful segment you had the other day –good job!

    I filled up last weekend anyway though I still had a lot of squares left on the gauge. My trip-B overestimated this time and instead of the expected 62mpg, I only got 60+. But still happy about having a fourth consecutive tank over 60. Of course now that "raises expectations" for the rest of the summer...
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  12. rhwinger

    rhwinger Well-Known Member

    Well, the EBH is installed and it seems to have made a difference! 74.1 mpg on the way in to work this morning, with temps in the low 60's. Lately seeing 68 - 71 mpg, so I'll see how things work out for the next few days.

    Got my first "finger" today on the way home. Someone just had to get there, I guess. I merged into traffic on a secondary road and shortly after that hit a red light. There was a SUV in front of me, so I didn't have a clear sight further ahead. The person behind me honked about a nanosecond after the light changed. When I looked in the mirror, all I saw was a hood and windshield - no headlights! Another honk and a hand waving out their window, but I was behind this SUV. I kind of panicked and started to look for a place to pull over. A place came up, and I pulled over, the driver passed me and ran right up behind the SUV. More honking and excited finger waving, but the SUV didn't pull over. I just followed behind, and then I saw a few school buses ahead, so I knew I wasn't the cause. This went on for about 3 or 4 miles

    Kind of upset me for the rest of the trip home. Turned in a 65 mpg return segment.

    I guess most of you see this pretty often. Ugh.
  13. basjoos

    basjoos Well-Known Member

    72.67mpg (551.5miles, 7.59gal) Mostly DWL at 55 to 65mph on I26 in North Carolina and one trip down to Greenwood, SC on US25 at similar speeds on the rural portions of the drive.
  14. JimboK

    JimboK One owner, low mileage

    A little better trip home, with a short errand on the way: 75 MPG, 13 miles.
  15. brick

    brick Answers to "that guy."

    My current tank is up to 59.1mpg partially due to some errands that I had to run after work. It's amazing what a few miles of P&G at the right speeds can do as I was in the range of 58.6mpg before that. Must...find...alternate...commute...
  16. diamondlarry

    diamondlarry Super MPG Man/god :D

    Temps started at ~70F and got to the mid 80's.
    1) 61.7-5.8
    2) 74.0-9.6
    3) 72.1-9.6
    4) 98.3-6.3
    5) 67.5-8.5
    6) 91.0-8.6
    Average for today: 74.9 Tank is at 74.8 at 184 miles. I have been accelerating with the FCD showing the mpg as ~50% of the mph and it seems to be doing better this way.
  17. Mr. Kite

    Mr. Kite Well-Known Member

    I had the Civic today. I've been having fun breaking it down into segments lately.

    5.5 miles at 56.5 mpg (+220 ft)
    5.5 miles at 106.5 mpg (-220 ft)
    4.5 miles at 41.1 mpg (+280 ft)
    4.6 miles at 101.6 mpg (-280 ft)
    5.4 miles at 63.1 mpg (+220 ft)
    2.5 miles at 68.9 mpg (-110 ft)
    4.8 miles at 123.7 mpg (-110 ft)

    32.8 miles at 70.6 mpg (total)

    None of these elevation changes are that much, but some of the hills are spaced and sloped just right to make for some good pulsing and gliding. For the 100+ segments, they were all done on a stretch that has a slight hill after a stoplight, followed by a long decline perfect for maintaining the speed limit during an FAS. The speed limit in this area varies from 25 to 35 mph.

    I'm working on adding P&G in my neighborhood as well. However, it can be a bit frustrating. Specifically, the range on my garage door opener is too low. This caused me to have to stop (during an FAS) in my sloped garage while waiting for the door to open. Next time I'll call my wife in advance to have her open the door for me. :p
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  18. pumaman

    pumaman Well-Known Member

    Holy cow, I hope I don't get quite as fanatical about my daily commute as you guys, I just want to save a little gas. However...

    I did change my route through my neighborhood on the way home to take advantage of the hills. I can glide almost the entire last mile! An additional perk of this route is that about 1/4 mile out I have a clear line of sight to my garage. On a whim the other day, I hit the garage door remote at that point and amazingly, the door began to open! :Banane19: So no worries for me having to slow down waiting for the door to go up.
  19. mazda3mike

    mazda3mike Well-Known Member

    Put 44 psi in the tires sometime in the middle of the previous tank and have been extra careful ever since. Filled up today...436 miles, 11.324 gallons, 38.50 mpg! :Banane40: I'm getting so close to 40 mpg I can almost smell it!
  20. SlowHands

    SlowHands Hypermiling Ironman

    <queue the deep announcer voice> .... Well, as you may remember last week, SlowHands posted a new PR of 36.2 mpg for 10.5 miles into work, and amidst the cheering and toasts all around commented about how tough that was and didn't think that 40 would be possible... <voice gets deeper> Well, friends... HE DID IT!! 40.0 MPG for 10.5 MILES!!:Banane35::Banane33:

    :D heh wonder if it had anything to do with the girls winning in softball tonight 9-4 ... :D

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