Week of June 11 - June 17, 2007 (US Ave $3.13)

Discussion in 'The Daily Grind' started by Right Lane Cruiser, Jun 11, 2007.

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  2. laurieaw

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    went to barn, rode horse, filled up car. i hope you will forgive my indulgence in posting the results of that tank in a new thread :D

    on the way home my gauge showed 79.4 for 34.5 miles.....here we go again :woot:
  3. locutus

    locutus MPG Centurion

    Shorter trips around town today, but did well. :D

    87.5 / 4.5 miles / 81F <-- segment best by 2.5 MPG
    94.3 / 5.8 miles / 82F <-- segment best by 1.8 MPG
    68.1 / 5.3 miles / 86F

    81.8 / 15.6 miles for the day.

    The tank is +0.3 to 74.7 / 364 miles / 6 pips.
  4. Mr. Kite

    Mr. Kite Well-Known Member

    I filled up yesterday so I have a new tank to play with. We all went to Boulder today in the Highlander. I took the backroads and ended up around 45 mpg over 38 miles.

  5. Walter

    Walter Well-Known Member

    Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there.
    Went to Worcester be with my sons.
    52.6 @32.6 mi. Home to Worcester.
    unrecorded segment ~30mpg @5? mi city (included in day total).
    43.1 @ 32.4 mi. Worc. to Gardner. (some city miles)
    51.8 @ 16.8 mi Gardner to home.
    46.2 @ 88.7 mi Day's total.

    My city driving 'skills' need work. Fortunately, most of my driving is not city, but rural roads or highway.
  6. Dan

    Dan KiloTanked in post 153451

    15.1 mi @ 75.8 @ 81 ºF; Fri PM
    _4.9 mi @ 77.2 @ 77 ºF; Sat AM
    _4.7 mi @ 76.1 @ 75 ºF; Sat AM
    19.5 mi @ 68.7 @ 82 ºF; Sun PM
    12.5 mi @ 69.1 @ 81 ºF; Sun PM

    Jim/Marc/Dan/locutus, Ya'll keep kicking out those 80 mpg RT like they are routine. Hopefully I can find that grove in the next few weeks. I'm getting pretty close only 2-3 MPG behind. Now it looks like Laurie's gonna start throwing 80's! Man I've got to step it up.

    Brian, 50 in a Yaris! Man alive you'll make those cost comparisons between Yaris and Prius pretty hard to make even. D4mn fine driving there!

    Sean, You chasing after Brian's numbers is just totally insane.

    As for me... Finished the week out with a PoE of 128.4% (just missed 130), and a weekly MPG of 74.5 (just missed 75). Still a weeks record, so I'll take it. This was also the first week where I ran AC the whole time. Today the two sub-70 segments were heavy on AC, plus I had the whole family in the car so all the vents were opened making the AC work even harder.

    PS. Ditto to the other Dads out there . Happy Father's Day!

  7. WriConsult

    WriConsult Super Moderator

    Father's Day was great ... except in the mpg department. 8 mile round trip to restaurant for brunch, only 24.0 mpg indicated. I think the combination of 55F temps and short distance (minimal warmup) must have been the big factors. At least it was short, not too much fuel burned. As a family we traveled a greater distance by bicycle today (10 miles) than we did by car.
  8. JimboK

    JimboK One owner, low mileage

    I think I reported this awhile back, but I'm doing some comparisons of P&G with steady-speed driving as described here. Testing has been on hold pending the acquisition of data logging capabilities, but I finally got that going with Can-View as described here. So yesterday afternoon was spent driving back and forth through the industrial park. Can't say what the total MPG was because I reset the CV after each test, but I'm sure it was well into the 70s. Some of the individual test segments were >100 MPG.
  9. Skwyre7

    Skwyre7 Well-Known Member

    I went to the mountains this weekend. I was alone, so I could P&G slowly with no A/C. I only lost 2 MPG over 200 miles uphill 1000 feet. I topped off the tank a little early since I was going to be doing more highway treks where the gas stations are questionable at best. My return trip put the tank at 61.1 MPG over about 300 miles. I had a state trooper following me for about 50 miles. I didn't P&G as much as I would have liked. Every time we came to a passing zone, there was on-coming traffic. There weren't any good places to pull off and let him pass either, so on we went.
  10. Dan

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    Note: For previous weeks, look [post="32031"]here[/post], and for later weeks, look [post="42408"]here[/post].

    Late hit on the data dump but I am very behind... here's week 24

    Data Dump...

    #NotesStart tripStart mpgStart SoCEnd tripEnd mpgEnd SoCAvg mpgTrip mi°F50W carEr± mpg
    01Drive in Monday (6/11; wu=66)515.666.14529.966.4479.3914.382.02.55.2
    02Work to pool Mon (wu=52)529.966.44544.866.7379.4714.993.02.05.1
    03Pool to home Mon544.866.73547.866.7466.703.
    04Drive in Tue (wu=82; pS1c=58)547.866.74562.166.9575.5814.384.02.04.9
    05Drive home Tue (wu=52)562.166.95575.367.1576.8913.
    06Drive in Wed (wu=70; pS1c=56)575.367.15589.667.3476.4714.384.03.05.2
    07Work to Grocery (wu=50)589.667.34592.767.3567.303.
    08Grocery to Home592.767.35603.867.4573.2111.
    09Drive in Thurs (wu=70; pS1c=56)603.867.45618.267.7583.2314.493.01.56.3
    10Work to Karate (wu=.6mi @ 50)618.267.75631.167.8672.9612.993.01.05.6
    11Karate to home631.167.86632.567.7440.661.493.00.020.0
    12Errands to gas station632.567.74662.168.1577.9429.691.02.8
    13Gas station to reset0.
    14Reset to work0.
    15Work to home1.065.1316.175.0475.7615.181.00.0
    16Other Driver Errands16.175.04139.852.9650.95123.781.00.1
    17Trip to Walmart139.852.96144.753.5579.104.977.00.55.6
    18Home from Walmart144.753.55149.454.0475.814.775.00.05.6
    19Out to dinner149.454.04168.955.1565.2919.582.07.01.1
    20Home from Dinner168.955.15181.455.9369.5412.581.00.52.1

    Weeks stats
    Current city81.88% Goal EPA_mpg for current city/hwy split58.14 mpg
    Current hwy18.12% Current_mpg for current city/hwy split*74.43 mpg

    Difference (PoE)128 %

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