2014 Mazda3 Pricing, Options and Specifications

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  1. xcel

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    Hi All:

    Some more detail on the all-new 14 Mazda3.

    2014 Mazda 3s all-new large 7 in. central infotainment display is made by Visteon

    Visteon’s first tablet like information display happens to be installed in the all-new 2014 Mazda3 and Axela in Mazda’s home market of Japan.

    This industry-first automotive tablet like display incorporates a flat, touch-capable, protective surface that provides the durability necessary for the automotive environment.

    2014 Mazda3 Infotainment display

    Mounted high in the central dash, it works great in all light conditions.​

    According to Visteon, their consumer research clinics indicate drivers prefer the sleek styling, thin design and touch capability offered on personal devices, rating quality very high.

    Visteon Electronics engineering teams overcame several design challenges to deliver this unique innovation on the all-new 2014 Mazda 3 and Axela, available now. That the tablet like information display replicates a CE tablet by incorporating a thin, flat surface without a bezel and is robust enough for the automotive environment, meeting safety/head impact, hi temp/low temp longevity, and shock/vibration standards.

    The information display includes a capacitive sensing touch screen that can be operated even while wearing gloves.
    The thin-film transistor (TFT) screen maintains a high resolution even though its position on the instrument panel subjects it to direct sunshine.

    The unit provides low reflectance and high transmission to reduce backlight power consumption and prevent overheating.

    Visteon achieved this styling and functionality by using an innovative adhesive bonding process, which provides mechanical stability while offering the advantages of optical clarity and low reflectance.

  2. WriConsult

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    The very idea of incorporating a touch screen into the controls of a motor vehicle is just disgusting. Requires taking your eyes off the road several times longer than tactile buttons. I'm disappointed that the mass delusion of touch screen superiority has now spread to Japan too.
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  3. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    I blame Apple. May they rot in hell !
  4. Prozac

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    I have to agree that these interfaces are getting to be too combersome. That is the one thing that I think Chevy did right in our beloved Equinox. It affords you the luxury of both button and touch screen control. Add to that voice control and my wife really has no reason to take her eyes off the road.

    Oh, and Edwin, don't hold back your true feelings! ;)
  5. xcel

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    Hi Dan:

    The Mazda3s with MazdaConnect and the 7 in screen all arrive with a Commander switch sitting conveniently at your right hand. When you have a 12 oz can in the cupholders however, it is a bit more cumbersome.

    With 3 or 4 days in the car, you will not have to look at the screen although most will to make sure they are selecting what they want. The hard part is that you have to go through three pushes to get to the radio station adjustments and there are no radio control knobs on the dash to do it immediately. Very modern appearance but not good as you described.

    2014 Mazda3 Review

    The big knob is the selection control and the little knob is volume control.​

    John if anyone is doing infotainment right; it is GM. Knobs and buttons on the dash, voice control that for the most part works, plus steering wheel controls. I like driving their vehicles due to that.

  6. Prozac

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    And simplistic enough for technophobed wife to operate. Like you said, this is one area that GM really steps away from the pack. Now, if they would get away from all of the easily scratched hard plasitc I would be a lot happier.
  7. psyshack

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    I want to see this car get through it's teething issues. And there will be some. As a 2007 2.3l MZ3 that has been perfect. I'm liking the looks of this car. I hope it shakes out good over all.
  8. priusCpilot

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    I just saw the 3 at the LA Auto Show and it felt so right sitting in the seat. It was the winner in the class overall for me!
  9. WriConsult

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    Yep, completely unacceptable.
    And while as you say you might be able to avoid looking at the screen to do a few things after 3-4 days in the car, that's only after memorizing the menu structure.
  10. xcel

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    Hi All:

    Almost missed this "Stop Sale" order.

    Mazda will conduct a Safety and Emission Recall Campaign for certain 2015-2016 Mazda3 vehicles (built from May 21, 2015 through August 24, 2015), which could have a safety-related problem. A defect in the fuel shut-off valve may allow fuel to flow from the fuel tank into the charcoal emissions canister. With this condition, the check engine light may illuminate, and if the fuel exceeds the canister capacity, fuel leakage could occur, increasing the risk of a fire and/or engine stalling.

    Approximately 14,270 vehicles in the U.S. and 136 vehicles in Puerto Rico are affected.

    Owners of subject vehicles will be notified by mail in early October. They will be informed to bring their vehicle to the nearest Mazda dealer as soon as possible. Dealers will inspect the fuel tank to determine if the defect exists on the vehicle. If the defect exists, the dealer will replace the fuel tank and charcoal canister at no cost to the customer. A rental or loaner vehicle will be provided at no cost to the owner, until the vehicle is repaired for this concern.

    If there are no concerns, the vehicle will be returned to the customer.

    Should a customer not want to drive the vehicle to the dealership, they may contact Mazda’s 24-hour Roadside Assistance service at 800-866-1998 and have the vehicle picked up and delivered to the dealership.

    There have been no reports of accidents or injury related to this issue.


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