Loosing weight for better mpg

Discussion in 'Fuel Economy' started by 2011accent, Jul 24, 2012.

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    I want to help with that health inspection :)
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    You have a point-it is possible to hurt yourself dieting.
    And you are dead on-exercise machines generally GREATLY OVERESTIMATE the calories you burn-
    And YES- if you can afford it-it is better to get an credentialed expert in nutritian to advise you before and during a diet.
    BUT- ALS is 6'4" and 135lbs over optimal wt-
    MEANING HE IS >300 LBS-and is obese-almost grossly obese (not meaning to offend you ALS-I'm on the edge of obese also-5'4" 180 lbs-almost 30BMI)

    ALS is right about how hard that 300 lbs is hammering his body
    Pure guess is he is 35-40 yo??
    Yeah-this is the time to lose weight-sooner the better.
    Now I'm assuming he is eating a balanced diet- he writes clearly-so he is smart enough and alert enough to chose those 1000 calories CAREFULLY
    and not a Bulemic female or young guy(more guys have eating disorders now)
    His eating disorder is my eating disorder-too much!!

    Yes 1000 cals is on the edge-especially for a big person-
    And yes- he is probably only burning fewer cals than his machine indicates.
    And-as I said-the balanced diet-almost the same diet USDA has been advocating since the 1960's- is the way to go.
    No crazy LOW CARBS-neurons ONLY run on sugar-glucose- if you don't take in enough carbs-YOU BODY CONVERTS PROTEIN TO SUGAR.
    This is EXACTLY why MDs give many post op pts-D5W- sugar water in their IV- instead of just saline-it SPARES PROTEIN.
    Too little carbs- means you will destroy protein-muscle and even MORE IMPORTANT organs

    Too much protein-can be hard on liver kidneys-
    So just like your granny mom USDA said
    BALANCED DIET- is the way to go-WHOLE GRAINS-FRUITS -VEGGIES-DAIRY-LEAN MEAT/FISH- not rocket science-30-30-40 or something like that-fat cals-Protein cals-carb cals- or perhaps 25-25-50 or 25-35-50
    He is a big guy-But 70 grams of mainly HIGH BIOLOGICAL VALUE PROTEIN-is ok
    High Bio Value-means meat eggs dairy-not plant based proteins-they are incomplete- when cutting it close-1000 cal diet-easier to just "count" animal based proteins
    70 grams animal protein=280 cal-call it 300 cals
    30-35 grams fat=maybe 300 cals
    100 grams carbs=400 cal
    Most "carbs" bread potato rice-have maybe 5% of cal protein-small amount fat

    Yes-1000 cals is a RUGGED DIET-yes in a perfect world he would get expert advice
    But he is making a GOOD CHOICE- get weight off.

    AlS- soon your loss will slow-don't get discouraged when/if it drops to 5-8 lbs per month-that still puts you 60+ lbs down in a year-or and you are down 78 already.
    Oh-many folks take multi vits minerals- 1/d- cheap not a bad idea.
    But make sure you stay balanced with ACTUAL FOOD-not too processed-so you don't throw off your electrolytes(Na K Ca Mg Mn Zn PO4 SO4 all sorts of stuff you can miss out on if you eat a WEIRD unbalanced diet of overly processed food.
    Now generic WHOLE WHEAT BREAD- just fine-especially if $$ is a concern
    Just don't eat bleached flour polished white rice-potato chips -powdered mashed potatoes
    You know- eat REAL FOOD
    ALS is an adult with good sense- I don't think he will manage to diet himself sick.

    CRT- yes some folks-do-
    but when I say adult-I really don't mean literally adult-I mean 30 yo person who has some sense

    PS Maybe my wrestling history biases me-I found it VERY HARD to constantly hold to crazy low calories-my body would "speak" to me-and drive me to eat "stuff" I needed.
    Beaten by the scales at times.

    PS-Basjoos- yeah-when are you dry ice shipping??- better wait until winter!! Yeah-I'll send you my address-send 1 gal!!-last MAYBE 5 days!! Yeah Homemade Vanilla has plenty of "not really normal food" in it- but it is GOOOOOOD!-And Ice Cream is a better desert than most-"some" protein a tiny amount of Ca better than most deserts(low bar)
    Herm- Vulture -Swiss-Cay- -just kidding!!
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    Anything worth doing is worth doing right. Especially with the awesome level of commitment ALS is bringing to the table (and the treadmill).

    Find an registered dietician: http://www.eatright.org/programs/rdfinder/

    I bet you can get a full diet plan for about $100. Why risk heart/liver damage?
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    Fat is a necessary part of our diet.
    Now the synthetic trans fats-from hydrogenating vegetable oil to make them more solid-and less likely to "spoil get rancid"
    That is bad stuff- nothing good can be said about it-
    Big mistake-
    like what the Brits did when they fed herbivores -herbivore "byproducts"
    and they changed the process they used to extract these byproducts to get LESS WASTED ANIMAL BYPRODUCT-so they managed to recover PRIONS
    Yeah-MAD COW in cows-and then HUMANS
    Another screw up brought to us care of the "almost food" industry
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    good words phoebeisis

    I have high powered bird dogs- fat % is extremely important-
    need high when working hard- need low when not working

    same with any animal- intake matches need-

    not really any better way of putting it
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    There are essential fats-and they are generally found in fat of course.
    The Pritikin super low fat diet BS of the 70's-80's has finally been more or less debunked
    Heck- it was inedible for all but a very few ascetics
    Shadescape-we currently have just one dog-recycled greyhound-
    she is BIG on anything with fat-still slimmish despite not getting a HUGE amount of exercise- other than treeing the squirrels and flushing the doves in the back yard
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    Actually there is kind of a dietary equivalent to hypermiling - it is called glycemic index (the metabolic speed of caloric absorption= momentum ) and glycemic load ( total caloric / portion = energy ).

    Just as pulse and glide depends on momentum to keep the car going,
    dieting with low glycemic index foods[1] depends on slowing down the processing of carbohydrates to keeps the body from going hungry

    Just as you want to use the minimal energy to maintain your highest fuel efficiency,
    dieting by using the minimal glycemic load will keep your weight down and keep you lean.

    This glycemic index/load is useful when planning meals to make it easier to regulate blood sugar levels
    and thus keep the body mass under control.

    All foods have both a glycemic index and a glycemic load assigned to them.

    For diabetics
    Eating correctly and proper physical activity means less medication is necessary -
    Eating poorly and low physical activity means medication is necessary ( medication can have nasty side effects).

    Low glycemic index foods are complex carbohydrates that are bound to fiber (soluable or insoluble ). When carbohydrates are chemically bound to fiber - it takes more time for the body to metabolize it into glucose to burn. Protein has no glycemic index (zero). Vegetables are low glycemic index and low glycemic load.
    Hi glycemic index foods are hi density simple sugars foods like sucrose or frutose that are easy for the body to metabolize, e.g. candy, white bread, french fries, etc.
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    Right- Waltermlee has a different angle-on healthy eating
    Glycemic index another angle .

    Ask any diabetic what spikes them fastest
    Usually they say POTATOES- (maybe white rice or white bread-but many say potatoes-baked boiled fried doesn't seem to matter according to them)
    Potato carbs are from starch-long chains of glucose-
    Many diabetics say a 100cals of potato will spike them quicker and higher than a 140cal coke-which(fructose glucose maybe some sucrose for all I know- but all either single molecules or double molecules-so very very quickly changed to Glucose)

    They-diabetics-also say potatoes spike them higher and quicker than equivalent cals in table sugar.
    Haven't looked up glycemic index of those carbs lately- but diabetics swear potatoes are the worst.Not sure what the charts say.

    BUT as is obvious- the whole grains veggies lean meats dairy(yeah milk is 1/2 sugar-but still great food) granny and USDA have advised us on in the 1960's-
    ARE GOOD BY the light of the glycemic index.

    Answer really hasn't changed since the late 50's-60's-USDA had it right THEN
    Balanced diet of REAL UNFOOLED WITH food-Whole grains-diary lean meat veggies fruit-
    The low fat craze of the 70-80-90 was WRONG.
    But it was widely accepted by MDs and all sorts of credentialed nutrition people.

    Yeah Glycemic index-another tool-
    PS- Slight aside-many folks suggest high gly index foods "make them more hungry"-glu spikes-insulin released and drives glu down-they get hungry from low glu- and eat like pigs!

    that is the theory-maybe something to it-sweet or carby stuff with little fat protein in it does seem to make me eat more- hard to tell-seems that way
    Proteins and fats DO SEEM more satisfying per calorie eaten-who knows
  10. Bumping this up.

    I work in a DR office once every 2 months and always weigh myself when I'm there.

    Got tired of seeing the same 190LBS on the scale.

    Last time I was in there was middle of April. I was 191. uggg.

    Downloaded the MyFitnessPal app with a plan to just watch and keep count of what I was actually eating and calories I was taking in every day.

    One month to the day later in May, I had my annual check up at my DR. I had dropped 15 pounds. My DR was fine with the program I'm following and weight loss I've seen in the first month. Annual blood test was good too - bad cholesterol dropped vs last year, and good went up. BP is usually always on low side

    Guess the calorie goals and watching/knowing exactly what I was eating worked for me.

    Next week is 2 months, and I'll check my weight at the DR office when I'm working in there again. I'm hoping for about a 25-30lb total weight loss. If I see 25 off, I'll increase my calories to maintain weight. Mid 160's should be good for me at 5'8".

    Didn't really change anything except the amount of food I was eating. And maybe a few better choices when we've been out to eat. I usually always got chicken anyway. Actually measuring portions at home, instead of loading up my plate.

    Absolutely no exercise - thats a bad word. :)

    No bike riding to speak of this year, and not nearly as much walking as I did last year either. Arthritis has hit me hard this year and some days just walking hurts. Makes working fun. :(

    Down almost 4inches on waist line too. Nothing fits anymore.
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    What I learn is that when you take something out of your life - even if it is bad for you like unhealthy food - that if you don't replace it with something else like healthy food or a healthier habit - that something will creep in and fill in that empty space in your life and often it is something just as bad. (9_9) At least - that's what's happen to me time and time again... I found that atleast for me hypermiling for any signficant length of time requires a sharp mind and a strong body.... when I'm feeling under the weather - hypermiling is much much harder to do.
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    Counting calories really works. That's where I started ~6 or so years ago when I decided to get serious about taking care of myself. Most importantly it taught me a better sense of how many calories are in what kind of food, and how much one really needs to eat to maintain weight. Not that much! It was also a good motivator to exercise since I could see how many calories I was offsetting. Exercise has been a consistent part of my life ever since as well.

    The new phase of my journey is strength training. The thing about cardio is that I'm quite healthy, but my ratio of body fat to muscle mass isn't where I'd like and my performance (speed,power) isn't going anywhere. Everything I've read says that strength training needs to be in the mix, so strength train I shall. I chose to work a 5x5 program using free weights because it's simple, easy for beginners to get into, and focuses on functional strength rather than endlessly training individual body parts. So far I like it.
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    Good on you!

    K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple, Stupid. No need to overcomplicate things. Just do something and stick with it.

    My wife's new plan is working great. She has a history of insulin resistance, which leads to easy weight gain and nearly impossible weight loss. The key to the plan is protein. It works. This year she's down 20 pounds already.

    Max 30g carbs per 2 hour period, and it must be combined with 15g protein at the same time. That's not a lot - one ham and cheese sandwich, minus a bit of the bread. But in 2 hours you can have more. Veggies are free. Don't overthink it - milk has some carbs, but it counts only as protein. Beans also count as protein.
  14. 2 months - down a total of 24 pounds to 167. 15 pounds the first, 9 the second month
  15. 10 weeks - down 30 pounds.

    Going for 2 more pounds just to get into the 150's

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    Oh wow. That's fantastic! Great work! :woot:

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