A 20% More Fuel Efficient Dreamliner takes to the Skies

Discussion in 'Commerical Transportation' started by xcel, Aug 7, 2011.

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    Those aviation reporters are making way too much money.. its not fair all this egalitarianism
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    Hi All:

    BP lubes the most fuel efficient long hauler in the sky... The Dreamliner
    Japan's largest airline, All Nippon Airways (ANA) has specified Air BP’s industry-leading turbine lubricants for the engines and auxiliary power units on its brand new Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft. ANA is the world’s first commercial customer for Boeing’s innovative new aircraft, having taken delivery in September 2011 of the first of 55 planes ordered.

    BP Turbo Oils (BPTOs) were used by Boeing for the initial 787 Dreamliner flight as well as certification testing and have subsequently been approved for commercial use adding to the oils’ long list of approvals from major airframe and engine manufacturers.

    ANA has chosen BPTO 2197 for its 787’s Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engines. BPTO 2197 was the first oil approved as a High Performance Capable oil to the SAE AS5780 specification and is used by some of the world’s leading airlines in the most demanding applications.

    ANA has also chosen BPTO 2389 for the Hamilton Sundstrand APS5000 Auxiliary Power Units (APU). The APU provides power to aircraft while they are on the ground and provides back-up power while in-flight throughout the full range of the 787 operating envelope up to 43,000 feet. BPTO 2389 is the only oil with extensive APU experience that meets the MIL-PRF-7808 requirement called for by Hamilton Sundstrand’s APS5000 APU.

    I do not know much about airliner lubricants but in the nuke industry, spec was everything and I am sure BP fluids are the best of the best when it comes to doing exactly what they are designed to do and a whole lot more.

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    Hi All:

    The first glitch of the Dreamliner arrived in the form of a set of wheels not deploying properly earlier today.

    A Nippon Airways domestic flight was forced to make a second landing approach at Okayama airport in Japan, after a warning light showed the landing gear had not fully deployed.

    The plane, carrying 249 people, eventually landed safely that ANA said.

    The problem was due to a hydraulic valve fault, and the landing gear had to be manually engaged.

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    Hi All:

    United Airlines' first 787 Dreamliner has completed its first production flight as Boeing makes final preps for delivering it to United at the end of next month. The aircraft took off from Boeing's Paine Field in Everett, WA on Sunday. Boeing pilots flew the 787 around the Seattle area for more than three hours as part of planned tests of the aircraft's controls and systems.

    During the flight, crew members examined the 787's onboard systems at high and medium altitudes. They also checked backup and safety elements, including cabin pressurization, avionics, navigation and communications systems.

    Sunday's flight was part of a series of work that Boeing performs after each 787 comes out of its paint hangar and before airlines take delivery of the planes. The work also includes fueling, systems tests, engine runs and taxi tests.

    United's first 787 Boeing Dreamliner

    United's 787 on its maiden flight.​

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    Is the 787 still the worldbeater it was/is supposed to be?
    Much better FE- lower TCO than whatever Airbus is(the only competitor other than maybe some Rooskie planes?
    It is THE future of Boeing-so it HAS to be a winner.
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    Last I heard, yes it is. The first batch is a little short of the promised efficiency, using the Rolls Royce engine. The new GE engines should make up that difference. I don't know, they may be shipping with GE engines by now.
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    What kind of person mpgs do these things get?
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    Hi CRT1:

    The last time I calculated this out for a long distance flight in a 737 it was something like 105 MPGe IIRC. The Dreamliner should pop that up to at least 120 + if loaded?

    Can any pilots weigh in to give us an accurate number please?


  10. CRT1

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    Wow, that's not bad. Is this with the plane at fully capacity? I'd guess the airlines run more like 75% capacity.

    Makes me feel better about flying when I need to.
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    Pale-so it is the Home Run Boeing had hoped it woud be.
    It-that plane and Boeing in general-are pretty important for the USA.

    CRT1- it has been a while since I've flown- but sure seemed like our planes were over 75%

    This is a great thing for Boeing.Airbus has stubbed its toe with that HUGE 800 seat plane-and they had a couple of crashes of one of their more recent designs.
    Looks like they guessed wrong with the 800 seat guzzler-just like the Concorde- but not gorgeous-so just a white elephant I hope!
    The Euros are as bad as the Chinese when it comes to sneaky GOV subsidies.
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    Hahahaha. That's a funny one. All nations are at it. If you think the USA has a free market economy you are mistaken.
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    Of course not- but the Chinese-and Europeans are worse in GOV indirect subsidies for corps.

    Heck-corps in Europe-most of europe-don't pay for healthcare do they??
    Now no one in their right mind would want to fly on "plane designed to be sold to make $$" that was made in China.
    The poisoned 300,000 of their own babies to make $$-so what do you think they would do if they thought a VERY EXPENSIVE plane component was iffy??
    Such nice people those Chinese I've met- but in China-many appear to be amoral in respect to human life-other than family members.
    Chilling since they are probably going to be in the pharmaceutical business-selling to us,USA- soon enough.
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    Its a different culture, very family oriented.. and dogs are not part of the family.
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    Qantas just cancelled their order for 35 Dream Liners because of all the delays and a down turn in air travel. Boeing is going to pay out a few million for the delays.

    Boeing Loses 35-Dreamliner Order as Qantas Cuts Costs
  16. PaleMelanesian

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    Those delays were terrible, though. Years late. A friend graduated college in 2002 and went to Boeing to work on the already-in-progress 787 project. Ten years ago! I know these things have a long development cycle, but that's crazy.
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    Hi All:

    Boeing Marks One-Year Anniversary of 787 Certification

    This weekend Boeing celebrates the one-year anniversary of certification of the 787 Dreamliner. On Aug. 26, 2011, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) granted type certificates for this all-new jetliner. In addition, the FAA added the 787 to the Boeing production certificate.

    Certification demonstrated that the airplane met the all requirements for commercial operations, after completing the most rigorous test program in Boeing’s history.

    To date, 17 787s have been delivered to airlines and the program has more than 800 unfilled orders with 58 customers worldwide. The in-service airplanes are performing as expected with dispatch reliability ratings equal to previous new Boeing models including the 777.

    One month after certification, the company delivered the first 787 to launch customer ANA. One month later, the airplane entered revenue service.

    Of course there was the Qantas order cancellation snafu last week which is a blight on the program. Fortunatley the 787 is in the air and being sold.

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    Yes they do. They pay for it when they pay their employees' taxes. It's not their fault that the USA has a dysfunctional healthcare "system".
  19. phoebeisis

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    Don't the Euros have the good sense to "force" the big pharm companies to sell their drugs for lower prices than they sell them to us in the USA?
    And some "group" has made it IMPOSSIBLE for USA folks-who pay their own way-
    to buy meds out of country-online etc.
    We used to buy my wife's Cellcept-an immunosupressant- overseas-thru Canadian company but it actually came from from India or Europe.
    It was $2.85/pill -delivered-from "overseas" $7/pill from local drug store discounter!
    Made it $42 day vs $17 day- 6 pills per day
    Buying overseas saved us $25/d $9000/yr $18,000 over 2 years.
    Wife 68 now-so medicare- but overseas sources save us a pile of $$-still went broke of course- but at least she got meds.

    Now there is some very powerful completely legal conspiracy that somehow blocks foreign drug sources from selling online.Can't even buy dogs heart worm meds online anymore(but I have found and EXTREMELY CHEAP $12 FOR 360 DOSES- source of Ivermectin- the most common heart worm med-horse worm med-careful diluting it-need decent balance- .1 grain reloader scale is cheapest )
    And the Reps and Dems are "OK" with it.
    I'm guessing Ron Paul isn't but the rest certainly are!!

    Erythromycin is now $90 for a 10 day course.Slick bit of price fixing collusion-no doubt blaming the FDA for closing plants(very easy to intentionally fail an FDA inspection-close plant blame GOV REGS-raise prices)

    Oh-sorry to rant-
    Boeing looks great to me!! They have a winner-!!! 800 orders-
    Airbus?? Why would ANYONE buy the Airbus equivalent of the 787 ?? (other than their GOVs requiring them to buy it)
    And Airbus has that HUGE white elephant-Boeing was smart to just upgrade the EXTREMELY RELIABLE 747-
    Yeah Hurray for Boeing! Build the best-make $$-Like Ford-and now Dodge.

    PS Issac is going to hit us- NOLA -maybe dead on- but it is a wimp storm-rain event
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    Good one !

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