Fuel Economy Challenge 8 - Winter 2010

Discussion in 'The Daily Grind' started by PaleMelanesian, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. Seraph

    Seraph Well-Known Member

    First tank of the comp! took a while but i got there.

    613.3 km @ 32.71 L pretty good considering perth has got a heatwave going on lately and also ive been using the aircon quite a fair bit with some days having some crappy traffic. I'm pretty happy with this tank.
  2. SentraSE-R

    SentraSE-R Pishtaco

    At this rate, the competition will be over before I enter it. I have several tanks to enter, but this looks like the winter doldrums, for sure. I couldn't find a way to put my gas log in FE8. I presume Andrew does that?
  3. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

    Sentra - sorry for the inattention. You'll have to manually back-enter the tanks since Jan 1 onto the challenge vehicle.

    I've added you to the list on page 1, and moved that vehicle into the FE Challenge category.
  4. SentraSE-R

    SentraSE-R Pishtaco

    Thanks, Andrew.

    I entered my 1575 miles logged since 1/1/10. I now lead Div. B with the highest percentage, but also have the lowest mpg. My car's 2008 EPA #s are 19 city/26 highway, 22 combined. I had to set up my car here as 19/25 to get the 22 combined, otherwise cleanmpg thinks it's 23 combined.

    Three weekends ago I drove 1100 miles to Las Vegas and back. Yesterday I checked my tires, which had been inflated to 51 psi. One was at 15 psi. The other three were between 35 and 40 psi. Ouch.
  5. jimepting

    jimepting Well-Known Member

    Wow, what a segment! Wife and I motored over to Williamsburg yesterday on I64. Unhooking my block heater, we drove away from our house and the 5 minutes to I64. Along the way, we cruised at 55mph, +/-2, virtually always in lean burn. I was surprised to see the trip FE climb, climb, climb. When we got to Williamsburg, the trip FE was at 97 mpg! Along the way we made a quick stop at a highway reststop. There the explanation became clear - the flags were standing out straight, propelled by a stiff direct tailwind. It was fun watching the FE climb to those astronomical numbers, at least for me. Fortunately, the wind had died before our return and the RT came in at 87.4mpg for 150.7 miles, even with some stops and side streets.
  6. Mr. Pancake

    Mr. Pancake Well-Known Member

    Man do I love it when someone waits until the end of the competition to enter and oh, by the way they're winning. Sure does make it fun for the rest of us that entered in a timely fashion.
  7. lxmike

    lxmike Well-Known Member

    I love it too :rolleyes: No more competitons for me.

    I'll stick to the daily grind from now on.
  8. SentraSE-R

    SentraSE-R Pishtaco

    It's not like I didn't drive the 1500 miles and achieve the mpg. I'd be leading Div. B in my second car, too. Feel free to remove my entry from the competition, Andrew.
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2010
  9. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    Nice work, Jim. :D

    Guys, late or not it's a fair entry because of number of miles and time-frame. Try to remember that it is hard to directly compare results due to driving environment, equipment, length of trips, time of day, etc. This is all in good fun and should be motivating -- not discouraging!
  10. GaryG

    GaryG Well-Known Member

    Hi Sean

    I agree, there were no rules regarding a cut-off date for the entry in the challenge and Andrew was ask before the entry. All of us sign up for various reasons and a late winning entry can be disappointing and not give others a chance to make-up the difference. In most cases we are well into a tank prior to the start of the challenge and we can decide to enter during the first month of the challenge even if it would be less than a full tank entry.

    In my case, under the present rules I can't compete unless the gas versions have a cold weather disadvantage. I don't have a block heater and don't use a radiator block, however I'm sure I could increase my MPG still with those. The challenge makes me try harder to push the envelope and add to my lifetime MPG average. My goal was to hit a 60mpg tank this winter to prove it could be done with a Ford FEH. I've proved it to myself trying to recover from the body shops damage to my FEH MPG average while in for repair a week or so ago. The fact is, I expected the hit and had a chance to recover the tank during this challenge and most important a steady increase in my lifetime MPG average. The challenge is an incentive to be the best you can be and I understand the concern for a timely entry.

  11. Mr. Pancake

    Mr. Pancake Well-Known Member

    It isn't motivating when your competing against someone who isn't there. This seems to happen every competition. Someone sits back, collects their data and then when they see that they hands down are winning they enter. I thought the intent of the FE challenge was to push us to get even better mileage by having others to compete against. Someone who enters two-thirds of the way through the competition and is winning by 13.66% isn't competing. This isn't fair to those who have been in it since the beggining and is frustrating. For the spring challenge I suggest we all vote on a new rule that all entrants must sign up within a reasonable amount of time (within two weeks or so) and that entrants after that will not be accepted.
  12. jimepting

    jimepting Well-Known Member

    I think that makes sense. I'd vote for that - if it were up to a vote.

    But I think care must be exercised not to put in an elaborate set of rules which can't be inforced anyway. As Sean says, it is all in good fun. And, again, the circumstances of each entry are so varied that the results are bound to be highly varied and highly changable. Someone who is a total loser in one quarter may well win in another.

    I know how frustrating competion can sometimes be. I raced amateur sports cars most my adult life. But, every once in a while, we must remind ourselves why we do this. I suggest that we do it for the fun, friendships, and the intellectual challenge.
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  13. lxmike

    lxmike Well-Known Member

    I'm just gonan stick to challenging myself.
  14. Die2self

    Die2self Saving more by using less!

    What if all late comers were put into Div A :)
  15. GaryG

    GaryG Well-Known Member

    Just added my third tank and managed to hold on to 217% of EPA.

  16. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

    Well done, Gary. I'm trying hard, but that's a tough lead to overcome.
  17. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

    Folks, after some discussion, Sentra is dropping out of this challenge. I'm sorry to Darrell that he had to be the target of such controversy.

    Next time, we will have an entry deadline. How does a month sound? I debated about adding such a limit last time, and it looks like I should have.
  18. jimepting

    jimepting Well-Known Member

    Thanks Andrew. I think it is a good decision to add a deadline, though I don't see that Sentra did anything wrong. After all, he did the miles!

    One month is fine by me, but I'd also go with a shorter one if that was most popular. Thanks for your hard work:D:D
  19. Mr. Pancake

    Mr. Pancake Well-Known Member

    A month seems reasonable enough. I hope that Sentra understands that this wasn't a problem with him but a problem with the rules of the contest, or the lack of a rule.
  20. Sulfuric

    Sulfuric Well-Known Member

    Bummer for sentra . . . looks like I'm back in first :D

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