Huge number of visitors as of late …

Discussion in 'Website news & discussions' started by xcel, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. DelSoler-Skate

    DelSoler-Skate Active Member

    Visitors should jump sharply today because it was features on the morning news this morning.
  2. lamebums

    lamebums Member

  3. msirach

    msirach Well-Known Member

  4. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi Mike:

    ___It missed me too :D

    ___Actually, our traffic has tapaered off from last week a bit as well? That might be a good thing given the Server Busy messages that appeared two morings last week :( Sorry about that but we are in the process of trying to get the site on a new server with only a minimum amount of down time on an early Sunday morning sometime in the next few weeks.

    ___Mike about the PM wrt CleanMPG stickers/decals ... I will try and contact Mike N to get a few ready to go in the very near future.

    ___Good Luck

  5. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi All:

    ___A vid was posted at CNN this morning and we are approaching 1,000 Members and Guests as I type. Let us pray the general viewer does not get to many Server Time Out messages.

    ___For the active member and casual guest, let me apologize if you received a Server time out. I am sorry the faster server was not online in time for your visit as we are still working on a way to image the drive and have that transferred over. It will probably be another week or two with the host giving us conflicting upgrade procedures :(

    ___Good Luck

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  6. Chuck

    Chuck just the messenger

    Most users ever online was 1,098, Today (6-3-2008) at 08:55 AM.

    406 members in last 24 hours
  7. laurieaw

    laurieaw Sorceress of the North

    is there some kind of note we can put on the front page or change the server is busy message and say we are working on it......?
  8. EdGe7

    EdGe7 Member

    Something should definitely be put on the homepage to minimize the number of visitors that don't stay with the site. Seems like new visitors will think this site won't be any good and decide to look elsewhere.
  9. ericbecky

    ericbecky Member

    This is good news and bad news all at once for us CMPGers.
    I hope people are patient and realize that if the servers are busy that they must be onto something good!

    If things get too slow are you able to send your above message via email to registered users?
  10. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    Thanks for the idea! You'll notice I implemented it as soon as I was able to.
  11. lamebums

    lamebums Member

    I don't know how much of a hard time other people have had, but I haven't been able to get on at all today. I must have hit the refresh button a thousand times :angry: and never got through once until now, past 1 in the morning.

    Is anyone else having it that bad?

    (If anyone has an answer, call me instead because I might not be able to get on again :()
  12. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi Auston:

    ___Between 01:30 and 08:00 PM, there were no new posts. That should tell you something all by itself. I sent out a mass E-Mail an hour or so ago hoping to explain it all but not sure it made it out or not either? Today was one tough day for CleanMPG for sure and I am sorry you had to experience it :ccry:

    ___Good Luck

  13. lamebums

    lamebums Member

    I don't think the email made it. :(

    But I mean, I've been trying to get on non-stop even from 8 onwards. I'm just wondering if anyone else had it that bad, is all. :(

    Edit: Not being able to get onto CleanMPG felt like losing an arm and a leg. :angry:
  14. CitrusInsighter

    CitrusInsighter Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I was CleanMPG deprived all day long too. From my first attempt until 10 minutes ago, I was not able to get on the site. I figured it had something to do with the CNN link posted this morning and was just hoping that all of those new people were getting on even if I couldn't.
  15. HemiSync

    HemiSync Well-Known Member

    Wow that was something else, no CMPG for the day and I think I caused it. Sometime this morning before all heck broke lose I decided to finally help out and click that donation button and it all went downhill from there. :D

    Well I don't think the email made it out and I hope you have a better Wednesday. I only checked every couple hours because I did not want to add to the problem but hitting refresh over and over.

    I still think we should start up an IRC channel somewhere just so we can all go there and shoot the bull when the website is busy.
  16. msirach

    msirach Well-Known Member

    Wow! The numbers are up. Currently Active Users: 706 (15 members and 691 guests) @ 12:20a.m.

    Most users ever online was 1,891, Yesterday at 01:48 PM.
  17. Bucko

    Bucko Well-Known Member

    I was going through Cleanmpg, can't even make it through all the new posts anymore during my lunch break.
  18. bestmapman

    bestmapman Fighting untruth and misinformation

    What a day. I couldn't get on the site from about 9:00 yesterday morning to 12:00 last night.
  19. warthog1984

    warthog1984 Well-Known Member

    I couldn't even reach the homepage from my first try at noon to 11PM.

    I tried to donate for the server and had to wade thru my old emails even to do that. I'm suffering withdrawal.
  20. Neicy

    Neicy Well-Known Member

    No need to apologize. The CNN piece probably has people coming out of the woodwork to save money. And that's all good!!!

    As HemiSync said, I too only tried every few hours so as not to overload the site since I figured it was a volume issue.

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