GM Cars lead their segment in {FUEL} economy

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    Leading Fuel Economy Cars

    See the full range of GM cars that lead their segment in fuel economy
    Only GM has the most models that get over
    EPA estimated 30 mpg highway*
    No one offers you more choices

    Click Link Below for GM Site:

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    Hi Tiger:

    ___For all the engineering capability of the GM Corporation, the Aveo (Daewoo), Ion (think vanilla ice cream w/ green ketchup on it - Yuccchhhh!), Vibe (Toyota Matrix/hopped up Corolla w/ lower FE), and the Impala or Malibu contingent (boring and cheap) do absolutely nothing for me! When in CA. last week, we rented a Malibu w/ just 297 miles on it and although I loved its tranny (GM makes the best in the business imho), the rest of the car told me bargain basement … We nailed 34 mpg over 109 miles with > ½ of that in some of the worst nightmare traffic downtown San Francisco, Oakland, and Alameda had to offer as well as many < 5 minute trips. Not bad but not that great either. An Escape HEV or Prius would have killed it. I was thinking of doing a write up on that Malibu but the seats are so far below what I am used to in the Ranger P/U let alone the Accord and just about anything else I have sat in lately, it wasn’t worth my time :(

    ___Now if they placed the Dual Mode in a Pontiac G6 with a 3 + kWh pack, they would have my utmost attention. IIRC, the G6 will get the BAS but not Dual Mode :(

    ___Good Luck


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