SC Tax incentives for EV, Hybrid, Flex-Fuel, Biofuel

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    South Carolina currently (2007) matches 20% of the federal tax credit for hybrid vehicles. Good news for those purchasing Toyota Hybrids, this is based on the original (non-phase out) federal tax credit. Also, starting in 2008, a SC taxpayers is allowed a tax credit of $2000 for the in state purchase or lease of a plug in hybrid vehicle.

    Starting July 1, 2008, SC will also refund all sales tax (already capped at $300 max) for an in state purchase or lease of the following:
    hybrid vehicle
    electric vehicle
    plug in hybrid vehicle
    Flex Fuel Vehicle (FFV), which is capable of operating on E85 motor fuel
    hydrogen fueled vehicle
    advanced lean burn vehicle
    high fuel economy vehicle with a city fuel economy rating of 30mpg or higher

    SC will also refund up to $500 for the purchase of equipment for conversion of a conventional hybrid electric vehicle to a plug in hybrid electric vehicle or for the in state purchase of EPA certified equipment for conversion of conventional vehicles to operate on propane, compressed natural gas, liquefied natural gas, hydrogen, or E85 (with stipulations)

    You should be able to find the entire legislative document outlining this and other energy related tax benefits at
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    Nice! That would just about cover the CAN View part of the DIY PHEV conversion, or about 1/2 the cost of a basic lead-acid pack.

    I'm so torn on the PHEV thing. On the one hand I really want it, on the other I'm terrified of screwing up my car in the process of voiding my warranty. Maybe the solution is to get something without a warranty and turn that into a pure EV instead. :D

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