What's your current fuel prices?

Discussion in 'Fuel' started by Ford Man, Mar 19, 2020.

  1. litesong

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    I was making $4.17 an hour in 1969. The problems were tho, keeping your body from physically collapsing or getting out-right killed.

    Anyhow, gas here in W.Washington is $2.46 per gallon. Idaho has it for $2.18. Yeah, wish the gas war in that Washington town was still going, selling gas for $1.26.
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  2. alster

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    Here in Northwestern Oregon the current price of Costco Regular 87 octane in Warrenton, Oregon (10% Ethanol added) is $2.599 / gallon. Costco gas is Top Tier.
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  3. litesong

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    • Still, 100% gasoline(no ethanol) provides 8% to 5% better MPG, smoother & quieter engines, & a trace extra low RPM torque, so auto trannies don’t have to downshift as often, going up hills or changing cruising speeds. Tho gov’t regulations cause drivers to pick cheaper 10% ethanol gasoline, your engine prefers 100% ethanol-free gasoline.
  4. alster

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    Here here in Oregon where I live you can buy at some gas stations non ethanol premium gasoline for another $1.00 - $1.25 per gallon more, not exactly
    a bargain. So for a 15 gallon tank of gas that would be and extra $15.00-$18.75 more. For that extra price you can get an additional 5.77 - 7.21 gallons extra based on 87 octane w/ 10% Ethanol added @ $2.599/ gallon.
  5. litesong

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    Like I said, payers chose 10% ethanol blend to use(burn inefficiently) thru their engines. But, your engine is telling you that it prefers to efficiently burn 100% ethanol-free gasoline.
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    best money saving tip ever :D

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