Family Feud: Why SUVs? And the Survey Says...

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    [​IMG] Americans Love Affair with SUVs Explained.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – December 17, 2019

    VW initiated a survey of 1,000 SUV owners and finds nearly nine in ten expect to always own an SUV in the future.

    2018 VW Tiguan


    As SUVs have grown in popularity to account for nearly half of new U.S. vehicle sales, like all OEMs, VW now offers SUVs like the Atlas, Tiguan and smaller Atlas Cross Sport. VW released results of a survey of 1,000 SUV owners that illustrates their motivations for their choices and shows that the shift toward SUVs will continue for the foreseeable future.

    The survey polled drivers in the U.S. who currently own or lease an SUV and identify it as their primary household vehicle.

    The survey indicated that safety and comfort are the two features that matter most when it comes to purchasing SUVs. Results also showed that families are spending a lot of time together in SUVs and that third rows are being used a lot more than previously thought.

    2019 VW Atlas Cross Sport


    Three Key Findings

    Nearly nine in ten owners ranked SUVs as the best vehicles for your money (96 percent) and indicated that they do not plan on owning any vehicle other than an SUV in the future (87 percent). Drivers also agreed that they feel more confident on the road when driving an SUV (94 percent).

    Safety and comfort are the highest priority features when it comes to SUVs, with 68 percent of drivers rating them as most important. For men, comfortable seating is more important than overall safety, while women are more likely to place importance on safety and passenger space.
    The SUV is the new American living room.

    More than eight in ten parents say they have family discussions in their SUV, creating a new space for family time, whether on the way to school or on a family road trip.

    Parents, more than non-parents, agree that they expect to continue to own an SUV from now on (90 percent) and use their SUV as a place for family discussions.

    2018 VW Atlas


    SUV owners with a third row are more likely to say family discussions take place in their SUV (75 percent, vs. 60 percent of owners without a third row) and younger SUV owners (18-34 and 35-54) and parents are more likely to use their third row on a daily basis.

    Gen Z and Millennials want to be safe, first and foremost.

    Generationally, Gen Z and Millennials rank the overall safety of the vehicle as most important when it comes to their SUVs, followed by handling on rough roads, whereas drivers ages 55+ ranked comfortable seating as most important.
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  2. BillLin

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    Safety first? Right. Stop texting and driving! Stop driving with one hand and holding the phone with the other! I want to honk at drivers who don't look where they're going. Grrrr. I need to go to my happy place and calm down. :)

    A young family we know, practically an adopted family, felt a 2.5 year old RAV4 was too small for them. They just bought (leased) a Highlander. Yeah, they'll be having family discussions in a few years time. The 2 kids are still too young.

    Safety. Well, perception is nine-tenths of the the law as we like to twist the phrase.

    My take on the SUV. It is the wagon of the 21st century. I like them, too, when they're not FSPs.
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  3. xcel

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    Hi Bill:

    If there was one point to this, the questions were asked of SUV owners, not all owners.

    I can remember a time not long ago when the car mags were looking at 0 to 60 and did a vehicle come close to or actually breach 1 G on the skid pad. SUVs are not on any of those radars yet are very popular for a lot of other reasons.

    Jerk the wheel of a high seated SUV and you become instantly aware that VSC saved you from rolling the damn thing onto its roof. We did not have that problem with sedans.

    We can also talk about the Model X. It has car like specs and with its low Cg, corners pretty darn good too.

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  4. PaleMelanesian

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    Most of these people need a minivan, but somehow those are "uncool". :rolleyes: It matches an suv in most aspects, but beats it in cargo space and rear seat room and access. Looses on "style", offroad ability, and sometimes towing.

    Towing got us. 3500 quickly runs out when you've got a tractor and things that go "moo". Now we have a big thing that can tow, but is still not an suv. It's a full-sized van.

    Sedans are just bad for cargo because of the small access opening.
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  5. xcel

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    Hi Andrew:

    And minivans are usually more efficient with a lower Cd despite being heavier in some instances! They are uncool unless you need to haul something really big inside. :)

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  6. Jay

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    I hated SUVs when they first started getting popular at the turn of the century. Now, a SUV is at the very top of my buy list if I had to replace my aging Acura RSX today. Improving gas mileage gradually softened my image of them. Now I want to build a house so I need something that will tow. Truck or SUV? Then I took a part-time job driving for Hertz which gave me the opportunity to spend hundreds of miles driving the many and various SUVs in their fleet. The Jeep Grand Cherokee wasn't even on my radar till I started driving them and holy cow! Now I totally get why they are so popular.
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  7. xcel

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    Hi Jay:

    I agree in some respects but... The Efficiency has improved immensely but except for the Niro, RAV4, X, and now defunct Jeep Grand Cherokee with the 3.0L EcoDiesel, they are not up to the levels I am considering.

    The second issue is cost. I worked like hell to get $1,600 off the 2020 RAV4 Hybrid for my mom last month.

    2020 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid


    I am shopping the 2020 Prius Prime LE and 2020 Elantra SEL/VE right now and am seeing $5k - $6k and $10k off sticker after all the deals respectively without really breathing hard.

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