Accident Report!!!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by xcel, Nov 27, 2019.

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    Hi All:

    This one needs no explanation. :D :D :D

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    Oh deer...
  3. litesong

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    Reminds me of a 40+ year old story! My girl friend & I planned a trip to her mom's place. We got a message her mom was feeling unwell. So my friend said we can't dally. East of Yellowstone Park, we were traveling 70MPH in gathering darkness to reach our motel destination for the night. Instantly, a deer was illumined in our headlights for a split second. The after-image on my eyeballs, made it appear that we drove right through the deer, but there never was a collision. The deer must have missed us by a tenth of a second or so.
    So, that was my accident..... that never was an accident.
    My friend's mom? She was OK. She got anxious to see her daughter, that she hadn't seen in years, after we told her we're coming. Once mom saw & hugged her daughter... & me...., our visit & days of feasting began & everyone in the extended family had a great time!
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