Saying goodbye to my Beloved Trickers! :(

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    Our beloved beautiful little Fur Baby named Trixie - my baby Tricker-fatters, said goodbye in my wife's hands at home this afternoon. Together we celebrated 16 years, 1-month, and 1-day of life together.

    It was a wonderful life albeit far too short and I can only pray it was a comfortable one for her. A sweetheart in every regard, she always wanted to be close and we provided that wish from beginning to the very end when she said goodbye to mama and papa.

    Picture of my Trickers taken on that fateful day in June.​

    She was diagnosed with the beginning stages of renal failure in June and hung on long enough to see her 16th birthday.

    Today she waited for my wife Marian to get home from church to be cradled, taken outside to see a clear blue sky, feel the warmth of the sun, and enjoy a gentle fall breeze on her fur one last time.

    In the end she surely wished she could say, "Mama and Papa, I am too tired and weak to go on and need to rest. I will wait for both of you with open eyes and a healthy heart when you too cross the Rainbow Bridge."

    Trickers is now a Kitty angel!​

    I love you "Trickers" and will miss you dearly. We will always be with you as you are with us for the rest of our lives.

    Trickers on the day of her diagnosis. As a Kitty Angel... And how we will meet again.

    ❤️❤️❤️ I Love and miss my little .


    With a heavy heart and tear swollen eyes I say, "God Speed my beautiful little Trickers. You are now a beautiful kitty angel in a better place".
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    Condolences. We lost our Lucy to the same condition on Easter Sunday.
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    RIP , Trickers. I love cats.
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    We invite them in knowing they will likely be leaving this world before we will. But we do so because we know we can give them a better life than they would have with anyone else.
    My cat has a rhyming name - Dixie - as she was named when I took her home from the North Shore Animal League. She's close to 14 years old now and I always set aside some "us" time for her to curl up and purr. The years go by so fast.
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