oil change blows out half of electrical system

Discussion in 'Honda Hybrids' started by jmelson, Oct 23, 2019.

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    Wow, had a bad experience at the dealer yesterday. I went in for a B 13 service, oil change, rotate tires, etc.
    They said they couldn't start the car, and had to use a jump start battery, and needed to replace the 12 V battery.
    I said that was really bizarre as I had not had any trouble with the car before. Then, they said the check engine light was on, they couldn't get the OBD-II port to work, and I'd have to come back later for a full service appointment. I took the car and immediately found out a bunch more stuff was not working.

    So, I found:
    not "check engine" but IMA light was lit, IMA was totally dead, except it would still start the engine from the IMA battery.

    no radio, no clock - display totally blank

    no door locks or remote entry, no dome light and instrument panel doesn't light when door open

    no key in ignition alarm

    instrument cluster doesn't remember last settings of MPG/temp and display mode, and MPG/trip display seems to be displaying instantaneous MPG instead of averaged over trip odometer (jumps wildly up and down).

    So, it is now in the shop, and I'm waiting anxiously for the call where they tell me the car is totaled, as it would cost more in electronic modules than the car is worth. (It is a 2009 civic hybrid.)

    The only thing I could think of was that they hooked up the jump start box backwards (or the replacement battery).

    I have checked about 10 likely fuses and NONE of them were blown.

    Clearly, the body computer is totally off, as a whole bunch of things (door locks, dome light, remote entry) all are connected to that. I'm guessing the "entertainment system" groups the clock and radio into one system, that looks to be totally off, too. Not clear what the IMA issue is, as the ICE powertrain computer seems to be working, and it can start the ICE off the hybrid battery. But, I suspect the OBD-II port not working and the IMA light are related.

    I will keep everybody posted on where this is headed.

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    Hi Jon:

    Holy &$*#!

    How many miles on it now?

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    Wow. That's amazing that everything failed like that!
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    Well, I think they pretty much accepted their guy hooked up the booster battery backwards. It blew a fusible link on the always-on circuits, so that's the memory for the radio and clock, the body computer for the keyless entry and courtesy lights, and something in the IMA system. But, it apparently was just that one fusible link, and then they had to reset a bunch of things. Whew, that's a relief!

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  5. jmelson

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    170K and still running great. I am expecting the hybrid battery to go fairly soon though, getting a lot of recalibrations. Then, I have to decide what to do about it.
    Probably one of the after market rebuilders. The dealer did see a code on the IMA system, but it is not turning the dreaded IMA light on just yet.

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    I'll second that!

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