57th D$W Meet this Saturday Oct 19 in Greenfield Wi.

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    Hello to all D$W members and friends,

    A friendly reminder about the 57th D$W Meet coming up this Saturday Oct. 19th at the Greenfield Public Library from 10:30am to 1pm. Though the Meet will start around 10:30, members and friends generally start rolling into the parking lot around 9-9:30 to enjoy some catching up, showing off new rides, exchanging updates on summer activities and of course checking their tire tire pressures. Don’t forget to bring some dish to share, dessert or beverage because we’ll have our usual spectacular free pot luck. Since we’ll start organizing our room for this Meet about 10:15am, be prepared for what the weather may bring.

    This last year of 2019 will have a segment of how to prepare your ride for cold weather driving as well as talk about some $mart driving techniques to mitigate winter weather. We’ll also review several more of the $mart driving techniques from our 50 “Tools for a Lifetime” list developed by D$W members from a 2018 Meet. We’ll also have a conversation about new rides and pending rides that may be coming down the road and into a garage. We’ll also ask D$W members attending this MEET to write some testimonials about how MiHG/D$W have changed their driving lives over the years. These will be included in our updated drivesmartwi.com website in 2020.

    We’ll also review the very successful NDEW event held at the New Hope UCC church up in Jackson. Some metrics from the event; We had over 30 EV/PHEV’s on site with 16 makes and models from 8 dealers and 22 owners. We offered over 80 rides/drives and had about 75 attendees at our 4-half hour D$W Owner Forums and had over 250 attended the “Traction in Jackson” event. We also had 14 drivers sign up for D$W membership. Special thanks to D$W members Gary Suchorski and Richard Seibt for their day long help in Jackson. Here is a West Bend Daily News article about the event:



    2019 has been quite a busy year for D$W with 5 outreach events across SE Wisconsin. We started with the Racine Ecofest in February, the Milwaukee Auto Show in March, the D$W/DEED Earth Day Meet in April, the Waukesha Sustainability Fair in August and the Traction in Jackson NDEW in September. And for the 3rd year, the Milwaukee Public Schools continue teaching our D$W “Tools for a Lifetime” training as part of their MPS Drive Program. So, after 13 years, your Drive $mart Wisconsin continues to drive forward.

    Marie, Justin and I thank you for all your encouragement and support over these 13 years and hope that you will join us this Saturday for the last D$W Meet of 2019 that should be filled with great food, spectacular door prizes, a lot of education and most important, great camaraderie. Invite your friends, relatives, co-workers to this D$W Meet so they too can learn about 10-30% fuel savings and the rides of the future.

    Marie, Justin and Bradlee

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