Week of May 28 to June 3 (Nat’l Avg $2.968)

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  1. PaleMelanesian

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    I'm back. Took a week off. Helped a friend move across town and paint up the old house for selling. One issue, I'm in TX and the friend is in St Louis. Road Trip! 10 hours each way. Their kids and ours had a grand time, and I love the new house. It's in town but has woods between the neighbors so it feels "country". Except for the airlines overhead.

    The Ody did a great job. 30+ mpg all three tanks, including around town when we were there. That's mostly cruise control at the speed limit except when it got hilly and then I took over the throttle to avoid downshifts.
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  2. BillLin

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  3. RedylC94

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    My corresponding cycling distances were 63 and 35, respectively. Next weekend we're off to ride the Chief Ladiga and Silver Comet rail trails.
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    Nice rides ! Today , 67 deg F , a few raindrops , wet roads , wind SW 5-13.
    15.4 miles , 80.91 MPG. Tank is at 388.9 miles , 77.00 MPG.
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  5. Gord

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    Late night run back from airport Saturday night:
    52.5 / 48.6mi

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