Ford’s European Transit PHEV Trials

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    [​IMG] The U.S. strategy trial front and center but being played out in Europe.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – May 10, 2018


    Cities offer significant challenges to moving people and delivering goods. Ford is working on it with a PHEV already being driven in London and is now being tested in Valencia, Spain.

    The collaboration between Ford Smart Mobility, the regional government of Valencia and the Valencia City leadership, is designed to see how Transit Custom PHEV fleets could contribute to cleaner air targets and enhanced productivity.

    I am not sure what there is to test here? It does and a collaboration means little in the bigger scheme of things. Make it, the cities will mandate it, and the environment could win.

    Ford’s partnerships with the Generalitat Valenciana and the city of Valencia, not only complements testing in London, but reflects an investment of $11 billion that Ford is making in its electrified portfolio to include 40 electrified vehicles globally, including 16 full battery electric vehicles by 2022.

    The focus in the Spanish city is to use of small and medium fleets of Transit Custom PHEVs that are driven solely by an electric motor with a target range of more than 30-miles. The award-winning but aging 1.0L EcoBoost I3 serves as the range extender.

    Scheduled for volume production in 2019, the Transit PHEV meets Ford’s commitment to Europe. Ford has invested more than $3.46 billion USD in Valencia since 2011, and in November 2017 Ford announced investment of more than $894 million USD in its Valencia Vehicle Operations to build the next generation Ford Kuga.

    Currently 20 Transit Custom PHEV vans are being used for the 12-month trial in London that Ford launched earlier this year, working with Transport for London and a variety of fleet customers, ranging from the Metropolitan Police to courier services and construction firms.
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