New Drive$mart Wisconsin Meet 2-24-18

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    Hello to all D$W members and friends,

    Flashback…when we started MiHG/D$W back in early 2006, there were no electric vehicles available and only 6 hybrids out in the marketplace by only 3 manufacturers.. As the saying goes “We’ve come a long way” with 2017 being a record year for alternative fuel vehicles. In 2017, EV/PHEV sales were at just below 200,000 vehicles sold and up 25% from 2016; there are now 16 pure EV vehicles, 24 plug-in vehicles and 43 hybrid vehicles on the market and there are over 20 non-hybrid vehicles that achieved 40 mpg and over 100 vehicles that get over 30mpg combined as well. But with all that good news, the CO2 also reached a record high of 408.05 ppm in Jan. 2018 as well. So we still need to focus even more on $mart driving because most drivers are still driving 11 year old vehicles.

    With those thoughts shared, our first D$W Meet of 2018 and our 51st since 2006, will be coming up on Saturday Feb. 24th at our home base at the Greenfield Public Library from 9:30am to about 1:30pm. We’ll start off with a Round Robin or a Fuel For Thought quiz and then have a open discussion on new rides, the new Wisconsin EV surcharge, Prius Headlight Support, Milwaukee Auto Show, MPS Drive, new motor oil specs and whatever else may be on your minds.

    After snacks and vehicle inspection, we’ll have our main segment, a panel discussion on Solar/EV led by Ben Nelson, Teng Yang and Chris Allessi ll. All have EV’s and use solar units for additional support. We’ll learn about planning, placement, design and building a solar system and how it can impact your operation of your EV. All three have several years of experience with their systems and are anxious to share the knowledge, expertise and insight on what to do and what not to do.

    Many of our D$W members may remember the long hours at our booth at the Milwaukee Auto Show over the many years we were the home to hybrid vehicles. Wisconsin Clean Cities will be having space at the 2018 MAS (2-24 to 3-4) and are in need of volunteers. The focus will be on electric vehicles, so if you have the time to share some support to WCC it would be very appreciated. Please contact Courtney at WCC 414-221-4958 and remember free admission will be included.

    We may have some new members from our D$W outreach with the MPS Drive program and some other outreach so your experience over all these years of membership will be appreciated by these newer members. Please invite any family members, friends or co-workers because 408.05 ppm will not lower without your conscientious effort to drive $marter all the time as the Earth is Our Only Home.

    Marie, Justin and Bradlee Fons

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