Ford’s Set for U.S. Release of its Much Anticipated Ranger

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    [​IMG] Another midsize pickup for the North American consumer.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – Jan. 15, 2018

    2019 Ford Ranger

    Detroit, MI -- As a 2003 Ranger Pickup owner, I always wondered why Ford walked away from the midsized truck market with its cancellation of the Ranger after the 2011 MY. We can all guess what that was about. If you wanted a Ford truck, the company would be glad to provide with the more profitable full-size F-150 instead. Except one market place item got in the way. That was consumer demand for midsize trucks climbed 83 percent since 2014. Ford completely missed this sales wave here in the U.S. despite having arguably the best midsize pickup in the world in an all-new Ranger that they sold everywhere else but here.

    This oversight will change in 8 to 10-months as Ford brings back the Ranger with what could prove to be the best midsize truck design and the very latest infotainment and safety technology.

    At the 2018 North American Auto Show (NAIAS) Ford revealed even more details on its all-new 2019 Ranger with an all-new exterior design, chassis and powertrain, high-strength steel frame, and a proven 2.3L EcoBoost I4 mated to an all-new 10-speed AT.

    Trims scheduled include the base XL, mid-level XLT, and high-level Lariat with Chrome, Sport, and FX Off-Road packages in SuperCab or SuperCrew cab configurations.

    James Davis, aka "TheStepChild" and CleanMPG Truck editor:
    2019 Ford Ranger Exterior


    The more acute front glass provides a lower noise interior and improved aerodynamics while the short overhangs provide more off-road capability.

    Optional LED headlamps and taillamps, exterior marker lighting including puddle lamps and lighting for the bed, and Smart Trailer Tow connector are all available.

    An integrated trailer hitch receiver built into the steel bumper is not new but nice vs. installing a $250 aftermarket frame mounted receiver.

    2019 Ford Ranger Interior

    Inside the center stack includes an 8” touch screen and an optional SYNC 3 system. The instrument cluster features dual LCD screens like the full-sized F-150.

    2019 Ford Ranger Drivetrain

    Under the hood resides a 2.3L EcoBoost with direct injection, twin-scroll turbo, 16-valve head, forged-steel crank and connecting rods, and chain-driven dual overhead cams.
    All of that is mated to the 10-speed AT through to a Dana AdvanTEK independent front and solid rear axles on both 2WD and 4WD models with an available electronic-locking rear axle (standard on FX2 and FX4) for increased all-terrain traction. Ranger 4WD features 2-high, 4-high and 4-low.
    Where it may have fallen off the rails. One of the problems with the segment leading Toyota Tacoma is that it is one of the most uncomfortable truck I have ever driven. The reason why is Toyota prioritized ground clearance over a taller passenger cabin and in doing so has forced owners to climb into their truck while their legs are prone instead of a more relaxed sitting position. Appearance and capability at the expense of driver comfort. The Ranger followed the same design although it does have more cabin height, just not much more.

    The FX4 Off-Road Package includes off-road-tuned shocks, all-terrain tires, a frame-mounted heavy-gauge steel front bash plate, frame-mounted skid plates and FX4 badging, Terrain Management System with four distinct on-the-fly selection drive modes including:
    1. Normal
    2. Grass, gravel and snow
    3. Mud and ruts
    4. Sand
    The FX4 Off-Road Package includes a new Trail Control that handles acceleration and while the driver only needs to steer when off-road.

    2019 Ford Ranger Safety and Infotainment


    Ranger incorporates standard Automatic Emergency Braking! Lane Keep Assist, Lane Departure Warning, a Reverse Sensing System and Blind Spot Information System with trailer coverage are standard on XLT and Lariat trim levels. Pedestrian Detection and Adaptive Cruise Control is standard on the Lariat trim.

    Available SYNC 3 features Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Ford+Alexa personal assistant and optional navigation. An available FordPass Connect 4G LTE modem provides Wi-Fi access for up to 10 devices. Available AC power outlets allow for charging of laptops and USB outlets provide more options for passengers to connect. Available B&O PLAY premium audio is specially tuned for the Ranger cab to deliver a rich and engaging listening experience.

    2019 Ford Ranger

    Off-road capable and adventure ready.​

    Production begins late this year at Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant as customer demand is growing for midsize trucks.
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    One of the reasons Ford cancelled the Ranger, and also why compact truck models are now midsize, is that CAFE targets are based on the size of the truck, and they are harder to reach the smaller the truck gets. A full size truck that meets CAFE wouldn't when shrunken down. The weight reduction and engine downsizing simply isn't enough to keep up with the CAFE target increase.
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    Hmm. It looks really Tacoma-like from the front. I'd have hoped for a more euro look like the international Rangers.

    Still, not a bad looking chunk of iron. Nice to see a Ranger here again, anyway.
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    Ford Upcoming Ranger Update

    Yes, I know it is an advert.

    From lab tests to robotic testing, from jagged trails in the Australian Outback to the Arizona desert, Ford is testing its 2019 Ranger to make sure the all-new truck is up to Built Ford Tough standards.

    Ranger testing is based on the same proven standards of the legendary Ford F-150.

    Ford’s approach to ensuring Ranger quality and capability starts in the lab, progresses to the proving grounds then is confirmed through intense real-world challenges in locations near and far.

    At Ford’s Michigan Proving Grounds, a fully loaded Ranger hits the Silver Creek track with impacts so severe robotic drivers are used so humans don’t get injured. In the lab, a four-post shaker table abuses Ranger for days to check against squeaks and rattles. In the real world, Ranger towing capability is tested in high temperatures on the unforgiving long steep grades of Davis Dam in Arizona, while the Australian Outback treats the truck to more heat and choking dust over harsh off-road terrain.

    Offering purpose-built features like a Terrain Management System, Trail Control and blind spot monitoring with trailer support, plus a host of available adventure-ready features, the all-new Built Ford Tough Ranger makes its exciting return to the United States in early 2019.
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    Hi All:

    2003 Ford Ranger

    I said goodbye to my 2003 Ford #Ranger XLT w/ the strong 2.3L I4 mated to a 5-speed MT pickup this afternoon. [​IMG]

    The good ship has earned its upfront cost 10Xs over with maintenance and repair taking $2,700 over its 44,117 mile lifetime. The 03 XLT cost an incredible $9,695 after $6,500 of rebates back in late 03! Std. equipment included front airbags, carpet, A/C, CC and a CD player. Also std. was manual roll up windows. [​IMG]

    It has towed 5k pound landscape trailers hundreds of times, has moved mulch and homes tens of times and has even visited the 12-hours of Sebring in Sebring, Florida.

    Its lifetime mpg was 38 mpg which makes it possibly the most efficient work truck in history.

    She was the teacher of my sons and daughter in the way of the stick and many times the kids first drive... I know when a certain 9-year old took it for a drive around the subdivision with permission of the 16-year old and I ended up pulling it out of a ditch with the ATV. See how a work truck can become a topic of conversation over the next 70-years of family gatherings? [​IMG]

    I will miss this "Built Ford Tough" Ranger Pickup with great memories of what she has done and been through.






    Goodbye my long time friend.

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    I have lots of fun memories about one of my own vehicles. Teaching three kids how to
    drive stick , hitting all kinds of animals ( driving on country roads at night ) , pegging the speedo ( it
    sounds naughty but it's not ) , changing the oil 52 times. Good bye , old friend.
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    Hi All:

    The all-New 2019 Ford Ranger with a 2.3L EcoBoost is just weeks away

    As the 2019 Ford Ranger is nearing mass production, Ford says it will deliver best-in-class payload, torque, and towing capability for a gas engine. The Colorado/Canyon 2.8L Turbo Diesel notwithstanding.

    2019 Ford Ranger


    Rick Bolt, Ford Ranger Chief Engineer:
    The 2019 Ford Ranger’s standard 270 hp and 310 lb-ft. of torque 2.3L EcoBoost is darn powerful. Efficient? Maybe not...

    As reported previously, the 2.3L will be paired to a new 10-speed AT. An ultra high-strength steel frame, solid rear axle, Hotchkiss suspension of RAM fame allows the Ranger to tow more than any gas engine truck in its class. Up to 7,500 pounds when equipped with the tow package and a trailer brake controller. Do not however as the trailer will be wagging that Ranger like a wet noodle during cross winds.

    Production begins later this year at Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Michigan.
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