Enevate introduces its silicon-dominant Li-ion technology for EVs; extreme fast charging and high ca

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    Like Toshiba, this appears to be another "next gen" fast charging battery. Now, ... how about those "next gen" fast charging stations?

    "Enevate Corporation, developer of a silicon-dominant composite anode material and high energy density batteries (earlier post), has introduced HD-Energy Technology for Electric Vehicles (EVs); the high energy-density cells support extreme fast-charging. Enevate’s silicon Li-ion battery technology in EV cells (NCM-based) can be charged in 5 minutes at up to a tested 10C charging rate to 75% capacity with energy densities of more than 750 Wh/L."


    "The anode material film features a gravimetric energy density of 1500 mAh g-1 in cell design, with volumetric and energy densities of ~750 Wh/L and ~300 Wh/kg,"

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    Hi Carcus:

    Is this a lab or std. scale cell size is probably a more important question?

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