Boeing-backed Hybrid Regional Airliner coming in 2022

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    "“In the past, very intentionally, we were quiet about operating costs, because it’s just shockingly low what you can get with an electric. So that you can get an aircraft of a size that could never compete with an airliner that can get you below commercial fares,” Zunum Aero CEO Ashish Kumar told me in an interview. He put the cost per seat operating expenses at around 8 cents per mile. “That’s about one-tenth the operating cost of a business jet per hour,” he said."

    How Zunum Aero’s hybrid-electric planes aim to transform flight starting in 2022
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    Hi Carcus:

    I looked at every Boeing release in 2016 and 2017 and did not see a peep on this.

    The Energy density of jet fuel is orders of magnitude larger than battery storage so this one looks on the surface to be filled with holes. I doubt the jet could store enough to get the plane to 10k feet let alone operating altitude before switching over to Jet A.

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    Hi Wayne,

    By "holes" you mean "challenges" ... ? Then I agree. ;)

    I wouldn't think of Zunum's project so much as a jet replacement, more like an "extremely operating-cost sensitive" - series-hybrid turboprop. The regional jets that dominate the U.S. today are costly to run on the short routes (i.e. burn shit-loads of fuel for a few minutes saved). Probably should have never got away from the ATR's. [ref. the straight wings in the conceptual drawings]

    The way I'm guessing it -- the advantage of an electric airplane motor is that it has a much smaller "size to power" ratio, so you don't have to "over-dimension" the motor for takeoff" ... but you do need the batteries to feed it during takeoff. The varying fan blade pitch would be a big deal as well,..

    I would also imagine a highly efficient/optimized turbocharged piston (jet-a burning) generator is doing all it can do for the entire duration of the flight.

    Turboprops set for a big U.S. comeback?

    /apparently it's Boeing-backed, not Boeing designed. (i.e. they see something there, and they've got some money in ,.. in case it works out (?))
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