Week of August 21 to August 27 (Nat’l Avg $2.334)

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  1. BillLin

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    Oh yeah! Hurricane Harvey! Good luck to those in its path. 120 mph at 4pm Eastern Time.
  2. alster

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    Crude oil is at currently at approx. $48.00 / bbl, (42 gallons in a bbl) regular gasoline at Costco in the last 2 weeks has gone up from $2.399 / gallon to today @ $2.589 / gallon, yet oil has remained about the same price for that time.

    So, once again I have to blame this on going to public school back in the 1950-1960's, why has the price of gasoline increased that much when the
    price of crude oil has remained the same? I just can not figure this one out. Also there has been no additional taxes placed as well, so we have eliminated that
    aspect of this perplexing puzzle....
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  3. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    Gasoline , and diesel fuel , are CHEAP. Too cheap. Today , 55 deg F , wind N2. 35.0 miles , 63.7 MPG. Tank is at 136.2 miles , 70.87 MPG.
  4. TheFordFamily

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    Haven't been feeling too hot lately. Lots of running to and from Physical Therapy. It is being reduced to one day a week with five days a week of home exercise.

    MPG wise, my average numbers are running between 51.8 - 52.2 MPG. Haven't filled up in over three weeks! 470 Miles with 200 miles to empty. This is running on E15 too. Wow!
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  5. alster

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    Per voltstats.net. Our 2016 Volt Premier for the month of August 2017 so far: Just gas only mpg's/ 806 miles / mpg's 51.35 / regular gas, costco brand, with 10 % ethanol. Also calculated mpg's is closer to 53 mpg as well. This morning the Volt is reading 68 miles available just on electric. Our 2010 Prius for the month has been averaging 53-56 mpg calculated, the Volt for the most part with trips under 200 miles cost less per mile than the Prius even when you consider the $1.80 cost for electricity, all taxes, fees etc. included.
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  6. Gord

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    Motorway Thursday night, 2UP, cooler 54°F:

    45.3 / 22.5

    Friday morning, 2UP, me and my wife went to Stamford (UK) for the weekend, great run mostly down the A1 (2 lane A road) including a drop off of youngest down a dead end street, 66 to 72°F:

    57.3 / 61.3

    Sunday morning drove to Burghley House, did a 6.8 mile walk:
    40.6 / 2.2

    Afternoon drove back to in-laws to collect dog (plus a cup of tea!), 73°F:
    57.2 / 62.7

    In-laws to home, 78°F:
    43.0 / 3.2

    Tank up 2.3 at 47.4 (FCD 50.0) / 542.9 / Range 100 . Guess gauge F____|__««E

    Nice to get the FCD back up to 50mpg.
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