Nissan Canton Employees Overwhelmingly Reject UAW

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    [​IMG] Employees of a Japanese auto manufacturer in the south again say no to Unionization.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – Aug. 4, 2017


    This evening Nissan employees voted to outright reject the United Auto Workers (UAW) effort to unionize the Canton plant by nearly a 2-to-1 margin. The NLRB conducted election tally was 2244 to 1307, opposing the UAW.

    With this vote, the voice of Nissan employees has been heard. They have rejected the UAW and chosen to self-represent, continuing the direct relationship they enjoy with the company. Our expectation is that the UAW will respect and abide by their decision and cease their efforts to divide our Nissan family. Now that the election is complete, Nissan will focus on bringing all employees back together as one team, building great vehicles and writing our next chapter in Mississippi.

    We appreciate the National Labor Relations Board's role in conducting a fair election, and we believe this outcome positions Nissan to be competitive in the future. We learned a lot during this process, and our work will continue as we strengthen the direct relationship we have with employees. Together, we will build a stronger foundation for Nissan Canton's continued growth.
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    Unions have been circumvented by the Government. Back in the twenties through the fifties there was a need for a union to protect the workers from unfair and unsafe working conditions. Now we have the OSHA and the Labor relations board that take care of those former problems. Workers are waking up to the scam or another tax on their paychecks of being in a union.

    I just saw that a couple of Chrysler execs and a few Union bosses are under indictment.
    Another thing is a union boss said last week, that union management has lost touch with the average union members wishes. He was referring to the majority of his union members voted for President Trump, while management was endorsing Hillary Clinton. He basically said that their exclusive alliance to the Democrat party is pretty much over, the union is going with the best candidate that benefits their union membership. I wish I could find the story on that one or I'd link it.
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    Government can replace unions for only as long as it isn't beholden to corporations.
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