Week of July 3 to July 9 (Nat’l Avg $2.234)

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    Well, after asking if I could join in, I didn't drive the car all week. It's been beautiful weather here so rode my e-bike to work. I rarely get to ride just for fun and I'm by no means in shape, but the e-bike lets me pretend. It's much less stressful than driving through road construction and cheaper than driving.
    Drove the car for the first time this week last night for a shopping run and to fill up. Checked odo with a GPS and found the odo reading low (bigger tires) so adjusted tank mileage accordingly.
    3.9 l/100 - 9.4 km to the south end of town. Stopped at Walmart and gas station on the way home. Manage to bring the round trip down to 3.6 l/100km for 20.68km total. Avg. speed 30 kph.
    Tank fill: 4.6 l/100 / 850 km / 30 kph avg. speed.
    This is by far the best mileage I've ever gotten so quite pleased.
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  2. puddleglum

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    Short trip with the family today. 2 km to drug store, 1.1 to grocery stores congested parking lot and wheelchair parking, 1.8 km home. Only managed 5.7 lhk.
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  3. puddleglum

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    Seven trips today with the family, 4-6 km each over 9 hours. 4.19 l/100 - 33.4 km for the day
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    Did not drive Sunday , rode the Trek bike 37.7 miles. The Giant 27.5" needs some work , but I want to ride that again ASAP.

    Saturday after work , made 3 stops , two of them I shut the car off. 42.3 miles , 74.77 MPG.
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    This should be the end of my trailer work for a while. I found one trailer tire low at 20 psi, the other was at 30. Aired them both up to 40, and see the result:

    48.0 mpg / 14.8 mi - Saturday going out, empty trailer :D
    36.7 / 15.5 - home with a full load, unload half
    43.3 / 5.4 - out to unload the rest
    41.8 / 1.4 - Lowe's for some lumber
    44.2 / 5.4 - home

    We pay attention to the car's tire pressure, but it matters on a trailer just as much! Last weekend's trailering, the best trip was 36 mpg.
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    Great public service message, Pale.

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