Week of June 26 to July 2 (Nat’l Avg $2.262)

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    Hey, just wondering if anyone is welcome to join in on this? Seems like it is only a few people that post here. Is it okay to use metric units or does it have to be MPG?
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    Please feel free to post away! I'll let others chime in re: metric, but I am perfectly fine with it.
  3. jcp123

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    Not as bad as I thought...7.3mpg today.

    It was interesting as a workday goes, though.

    I set foot in Massachusetts for the very first time, and also saw the Hudson River for the first time. Passed by Orange County Choppers, literally right around the corner from my delivery today. I also got a free show from the Blue Angels, as the New York Air Show here in Newburgh was wrapping up today. I got there in time to see the last 15 min of their performance, including a full-formation flyby at full power as their streamers were going, and they were basically right above me. So I did what anybody would do, I hit pause on working, and shot some videos for the kids.
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    I haven't got an issue with metric (the UK is strange as we buy gas in litres but for fuel economy talk about MPG). I personally convert my mpgUK to mpgUS (tempting as it may be to look 20+% better than I actually achieve) but please feel feel to post your numbers in whatever form you feel comfortable - the more the merrier!

    Going home Friday lunchtime great run, 64°F, 4mph crosswind NNW:

    50.3 / 22.4

    New tank at 49.5 (FCD 52.3) / 22.5 / Range 575 . Guess gauge F««««|««««E . UG at 51.6 / DTE684

    After lunch took the Jazz/Fit (already loaded to the brim up with rubbish and recycleables) by my wife) to the tip, fabulous runs (mostly engine off) - short way going, long way back (to avoid steep hill):

    See what I mean about mpgUK :rolleyes:
    Jazz 118.4.jpg
    98.8 / 1.7 :D

    Jazz 92.5.JPG
    77.0 / 2.6
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    Just in case you don't spot it, this week's thread is here
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    I'm good with the metric system. I had my Scangauge in metric for the first year or so that I owned it.My bike computers are in metric.

    But since we are forced to buy fuel in gallons , well....... God forbid that Murricans might have to change their ancient ways.

    Did a boatload of driving Saturday after work. 113.0 miles , 80+ of that was highway , some of it with a passenger. 67.15 MPG. Sunday night ended with tank at 282.3 miles , 69.84 MPG.
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  7. PaleMelanesian

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    I had a BUSY weekend. Lots of errands and trailer towing and short trips. I filled up first, and the new tank ended up at :
    40 mpg / 59 miles.

    The fillup came in at :
    560 mi
    11.357 gal
    49.3 mpg, including 200 mi of others driving it.
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