2/3s 2018 Nissan’s Will Include Auto Emergency Braking Standard!

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    [​IMG] Great news as more than double the number of Nissan’s will include this great feature vs. the 2017 MY!

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – June 8, 2017


    Last year Nissan sold 1,564,423 vehicles in the U.S. Only one-third of those were equipped with Auto Emergency Braking (AEB). With this announcement, there will be significantly more to include this excellent safety system standard. For the 2018 MY, seven Nissan’s including the Rogue/Rogue Sport, Altima, Murano, LEAF, Pathfinder, Maxima and Sentra (except manual transmission-equipped and all NISMO versions).

    Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) uses radar to monitor a vehicle's proximity to the vehicle ahead, giving the driver audible and visual display warnings to help the driver reduce the vehicle's speed if a potential frontal collision is detected. If the driver fails to respond, the AEB system can apply the brakes, helping the driver to avoid the collision or reduce the speed of impact if it is unavoidable.

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says one-third of all police-reported crashes involve a rear-end collision from a 2013 study. The NHTSA also reports that systems such as AEB can help reduce injury insurance claims by as much as 35 percent according to a 2015 report produced by the administration.
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    Eventually, only manual transmission cars will be running into the backs of other cars... :D

    Edit: consequence... so, maybe higher insurance rates for MT?
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    Hi Bill:

    That was funny! :D


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