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Discussion in 'Emissions' started by ALS, Apr 23, 2017.

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    I walked over the Dollar General across the street from work this morning and saw that they had a couple guys up on ladders changing the T8 florescent bulbs in the ceiling light fixtures to T8 LED's.

    I just looked up the cost of direct replacement of all the T8's with LED's in my business and I'm looking at a 13 month pay back in energy savings. Direct replacements are $7-$8 per bulb vs $2.50 for a new T8 Florescent bulb. Yep no brainer next time I need bulbs I'm going to order a number of the LED's to start re-bulbing my fixtures.

    When I looked at LED's back in 2011 they were running $35 a bulb not even a consideration over standard T8's.
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