Toyota October 2016 Sales Down 8.7% with 186,295 Vehicles Sold

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    [​IMG] Cubs Win! Cubs Win!

    [​IMG]Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – Nov. 2, 2016

    Toyota, the official automotive sponsor of the Chicago Cubs and Wrigley Field, was on hand to congratulate the Cubs on their historic World Series Championship in person.

    During the Chicago Cubs World Series Winners victory parade, a ten-foot-tall replica of the World Series trophy was carried in the bed of a 2017 Toyota Tundra.

    Last year, the Cubs and Toyota announced a long-term Marketing Partnership establishing Toyota as the Official Vehicle of the Chicago Cubs and Wrigley Field beginning in the 2016 season. Can you say prescient?

    As part of the partnership, Toyota’s logo is featured on the panel beneath the Wrigley Field Marquee at the corner of Clark and Addison.

    Although it took 108 years for the Cubs to win a World Series title, they did it and Toyota was there for the celebration.

    Toyota October 2016 Sales Overview

    Toyota reported it sold 186,295 vehicles in October, down 8.7 percent below the 204,045 sold in October of 2015. With 2 fewer selling days, the daily selling rate (DSR) was down just 1.7 percent.

    YTD sales of 2,008,714 is down 3.0 percent on a straight volume basis from the 2,071,450 sold through the same period of 2015.

    Toyota in its own sold 161,492 vehicles in October, down 9.1 percent on a volume basis and 2.1 on a DSR basis vs October of 2015.

    Lexus October sales of 24,803 vehicles was down 6.2 percent on a volume basis and up 1 percent on a DSR basis compared to the 26,436 vehicles sold through the luxury brands dealerships in October of 2015.


    The real standout besides the Chicago Cubs was the Highlander with October sales of 17,668 vehicles, up 32.7 percent over the 13,316 sold in October of 2015. YTD sales of 144,713 is up 11.3 percent over the 130,073 sold through the same period of 2015.

    Toyota achieved its best light truck sales in history with Tacoma and Tundra sales of 15,875 and 9,533 trucks, up 4.2 and .2 percent over the 15,233 and 9,514 sold in October of 2015. These results were on a two sales day short straight volume basis.

    The Corolla also had a good month with sales of 28,516 vehicles, up 9.2 percent over the 27,951 sold during October of 2015.

    2017 Toyota Tundra and the 2016 World Series Champion Chicago Cubs

    The Wrigley Field Chicago Cubs Marquee with the Toyota logo.


    Notice how close the 2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid is to taking over the #1 spot held onto by the 4th gen Prius? The Prius has never been outsold by any Hybrid since the introduction of the 2nd gen as a 2004 MY offering way back in late 2003. If the Fusion Hybrid sells just another 550 units next month over this and Prius sales stay flat at this new extremely low sales level, the long held dominance of the Prius could be in jeopardy. Think what could happen if the upcoming Hyundai Ioniq arrives with a similar level of efficiency and lower price?

    October 2016 U.S. Automobile Market Share Detail


    In October, GM’s U.S. market share was up a significant 0.7 percent while both Toyota and FCAs were down 0.5 and 0.7 percent respectively.

    On a volume basis, October of 2016 US Auto sales of 1.37 million vehicles was down 4.9 percent below October of 2015s 1.44 million vehicle sales result. Remember that there were 2 fewer selling days in October of 2016 or 7.8 percent fewer selling days.

    2016 YTD sales of 14.42 million is down 0.3 percent above the 14.46 million vehicles sold through the same period of 2015 with 2 (or 0.8 percent) fewer selling days.

    U.S. October 2016 Sales vs. October 2015 Sales Ranks and Results for the top 19 Automobile Manufacturers

    GM October 2016 Sales Down 1.7% with 258,626 Vehicles Sold
    Ford October 2016 Sales Down 11.7% with 188,813 Vehicles Sold
    Toyota October 2016 Sales Down 8.7% with 186,295 Vehicles Sold
    FCA October 2016 Sales Down 10.3% with 176,609 Vehicles Sold
    Honda October 2016 Sales Down 4.2% with 126,161 Vehicles Sold
    Nissan October 2016 Sales Down 2.2% with 113,520 Vehicles Sold
    Hyundai October 2016 Sales Up 4.2% with 62,505 Vehicles Sold
    Subaru October 2016 Sales Up 4.1% with 53,760 Vehicles Sold
    Kia October 2016 Sales Down 2.1% with 48,977 Vehicles Sold
    Mercedes-Benz October 2016 Sales Down 2.1% with 31,801 Vehicles Sold
    BMW October 2016 Sales Down 16.6% with 27,971 Vehicles Sold
    VW October 2016 Sales Down 18.5% with 24,779 Vehicles Sold
    Mazda October 2016 Sales Down 10.8% with 22,711 Vehicles Sold
    Audi October 2016 Sales Up 0.1% with 17,721 Vehicles Sold
    Mitsubishi October 2016 Sales Up 2.8% with 7,637 Vehicles Sold
    Volvo October 2016 Sales Down 14.4% with 6,340 Vehicles Sold
    Land Rover October 2016 Sales Down 23.2% with 5,532 Vehicles Sold
    Porsche October 2016 Sales Up 10.7% with 4,506 Vehicles Sold
    Jaguar October 2016 Sales Up 226% with 3,219 Vehicles Sold

    In October, VW moved back ahead of Mazda to take the 12th spot.

    The seasonally adjusted annual selling rate (SAAR) for light vehicles in October was 18.0 million vehicles. On a YTD sales basis, light-vehicle SAAR was 17.4 million vehicles.
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    Wonder what has caused automakers to be down so much this year. Almost all of them are down significantly from last year. Maybe people are more worried about the economy?
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    HI Ford Family:

    It is more of a slight down tick. Daily Selling Rate is a pretty big deal for a monthly sales result. The U.S> auto industry YTD sales are off just 0.3 percent through 2016 vs. the same period of 2015. Definitley a fall off but not as bad as the monthly results show due to the two fewer selling days in October.


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