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Discussion in 'Business and Economics' started by NaturalNaturer, Jul 25, 2016.

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    Hi, Thanks for reading this. I will need a bit of your idea about our business. I just hope it doesn't bother your time. Anyway, I'm talking about an online business with a brother. He wants to pursue his automotive shop online. We think of promoting it more to boost our sales. We are only using social media sites. But, we know there's something else that could help. What are the other approaches that we need to use in terms of marketing our business website online? Would you mind sharing your ideas? Or do we need an assistance of a web professional services for this? We will be happy to know all your suggestions.
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    Knowledgeable mechanics that are friendly & customer oriented would go a long way
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    You can try both online and offline marketing. But in today's trend, it seems online marketing campaigns are commonly used. Have you tried or heard about SEO or SEM? If you don't have any experience yet, I suggest you just hire an SEO consultant or company to do the job for you. I'm sure you can easily find one.
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    Yes, along with creating an informative blog, we're also thinking of hiring Demand Wave to help us boost our online presence especially in local searches. My friend hired them before and got them to work on her blog.
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