The air quality has changed dramatically over the years

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    I remember my mom telling me stories of how she would go to work at Mercy Hospital and by the end of her shift her white Nurses uniform and petticoat were a dark grey from the air pollution in the city. This was back in 1947-48.

    The dailymail out of London has a story on Pittsburgh and the air pollution problems of the forties and fifties before environmental laws were enacted.

    'Hell with the lid taken off': The pictures of bygone Pittsburgh and its residents choking under clouds of thick smog
    • The pea-souper problem was once so bad that clouds of smoke and pollution would block out the midday sun
    • Photographs from the 1950s show just how badly the U.S. city suffered before laws on coal burning were introduced.
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  2. BillLin

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    Sometimes there is a haze in my neighborhood. It's from a couple of wood burners. They're saving money or being "green" (carbon neutral?) but polluting the air like crazy. I wish they would get high efficiency wood stoves or pellet stoves. Maybe we need to start requiring catalytic converters on everything!?

    Edit: Are there still coal burning power plants around? No doubt they're buying carbon offsets from someone. And it's mostly the downstream people that suffer.
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  3. PaleMelanesian

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    Yes, there are still coal power plants around. Three within 20 miles of here, one of them the dirtiest in the country. :mad:

    On the flip side, I saw SO many thousands of wind turbines out in west Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas and Oklahoma last week on vacation. Tens of thousands of them. :)
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  4. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    We burns lots of coal around here. Some genius decided it's "cleaner" than safe nuclear power.
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  5. NaturalNaturer

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    Apparently, yes coal is a bit cleaner but it still bring out impurities around and contributes to air pollution. Still, we have to limit or do something about it before it becomes too much of a problem to our environment.
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    It probably been over 85°f very day since June , very unusual, years ago there was always smog alerts
    Ontario stop burn coal 2 years ago , but this years there as not been one
    Drove into Toronto yesterday , before they was a noticeable brown hazy of the city , but not anymore

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