Problems with fuel consumption

Discussion in 'Diesel powered automobiles' started by williamcalhoun, May 3, 2016.

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    It seems like my truck's fuel consumption has increased gradually. I don't know what the actual reason is. I don't feel any differences in power or anything. What could be the possible reasons behind this? My vehicle is a 2006 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke. If somebody here with good knowledge in Ford diesel engine repair, please help me with your advice.
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    Warmer weather, summer blended diesel fuel, more BTU's per gallon, air is less dense in warmer weather so less wind resistance when driving. All these differences lately
    will lead to increase fuel economy. Gasoline fuel cars also will gain in mpg in warmer weather for the same reason; gasoline summer blend also has more BTU's per gallon.
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    I believe he is say his consumption has gone up (thus he is has lost some MPGs).

    Have you checked the air pressure in your tires recently? Also can you elaborate on what you see your consumption was and now is so we can see what difference you are seeing. But more than likely it is not just one thing as there are many things that add together to consume energy from wind resistance, tire resistance, oil viscosity, terrain, location, route etc... But the most import is the but behind the wheel. :0)
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    Diesel calibration

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