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Discussion in 'Environmental' started by xcel, Apr 10, 2016.

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    Hi All:

    My oldest son Mark's project yesterday was to reduce lighting loads on a circuit at his church. The (4) 1,700 lumen spots on a light bar was drawing 4.66 A/536 W. With three other light bars on the same circuit, they have lost them in the middle of a service before.

    His solution?

    He rebuilt the bar with an extended wood backing to add two additional lights on each end. He purchased (12) 23W 1,600 lumen LED spots - six for each bar - along with a power strip for each.

    The result?

    The 4 LED spot lamp stick is drawing just 1.27A/90.8 W and the whiter output appears brighter than the Halogen spots previously hung on the bar.

    Good job Mark and thank you.

    This is one of hundreds of great local energy saving projects that can be duplicated again and again. Maybe in your own home?


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    I'm working on a similar project at my church. Ours are hard-mounted to the ceiling and I do NOT want to climb up there again any time soon.
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    Andrew , when I was your age.................. I was STILL terrified of falling off a ladder and spilling my brains all over. I try very hard to avoid that stuff today.
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