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    REALLY getting back into music lately since buying the Sonata. As a young man, I was an audiophile with a pretty respectable setup - until it was stolen. Ugh. And I know you (my closer friends) may be getting tired of me repeatedly blabbering about the Infinity system, but please bear with me:

    One of the first albums I REALLY enjoyed was The Very Best Of Marc Cohn. (Managed to score some tickets to see him April 23rd in Richmond!!) One song in particular, 'One Safe Place Live' really just grabbed me. I'm not a fan of live recordings, but this one just blew me away. The clarity of the recording made it sound like the people were right next to me in the car. And another thing - there was was an occasional guitar riff sneaking around that just reminded me so much of Bonnie Raitt? (I had a roommate back in my early Navy days that was a BIG fan, so I heard a LOT of her) I just couldn't shake it. A new OCD chapter coming into my life. I wanted to know who did such a great job recording and mixing that song? And who was playing that guitar? Early info that I stumbled on named Ben Wish and Bob Ludwig as recording engineers that Mr. Cohn worked with in the past.

    So I started poking around. Turned out Bob Ludwig is like this world class audio mastering engineer. He was recently nominated for a Grammy award. So I began Googling around some more and found this website called Allmusic. After stumbling around with the site search bar, finally found a page that listed the credits for each individual song. Lo and behold - sure enough, the 2 engineers, Ben and Bob were listed as working on the song. And near the bottom - Bonnie Raitt listed on guitar! James Taylor too.

    Okay Wayne, here is my new suggested Guinness World Record category:

    Most fuel efficient vehicle crossing North America, with the most number of recording engineers and musical artists identified by ear while listening to the on board infotainment system. Has to be an Infinity or Bang & Olufsen sound system.


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