Top 10 cars: best gas mileage, lowest sticker price

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    Since this Clean MPG site is all about MPG, which car gives you the biggest MPG for the retail buck? While this article is somewhat dated (March 13, 2013), the measurement can be used any time.

    With gas prices continuing a steady upward climb, you may be headed to the dealer in search of something less thirsty at the pump. But which cars' sticker price gives you the most bang for your buck?

    Here's the complete list of vehicles with the lowest cost per 1 mpg for 2013:

    1. Ford C-Max Energi: Cost per 1 mpg: $329.50

    2. Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid: Cost per 1 mpg: $336.84

    3. Smart Fortwo: Cost per 1 mpg: $346.94

    4. Toyota Prius c: Cost per 1 mpg: $381.60

    5. Nissan Versa: Cost per 1 mpg: $394

    6. Chevrolet Volt: Cost per 1mpg: $399.44

    7. Scion iQ: Cost per 1 mpg: $418.78

    8. Kia Rio: Cost per 1 mpg: $425

    9. Toyota Yaris: Cost per one mpg: $435.45

    10. Honda Insight: Cost per 1 mpg: $442.86

    Of course, the list comes with a couple of caveats. It includes only gas, diesel, or hybrid vehicles; electric vehicles have been omitted. If you do include them, the 2013 Nissan Leaf would be at the top of the list, with a cost of $245.32 per mpg (or mpge in this case). Honda's Fit EV would be No. 2, at $310.38 per mpg.

    While the Elio does note exist yet, if it does deliver at the end of next year (2016) and meets its 84 MPG and $6,800 price (all unlikely), its numbers will add it to the top of this list:

    0. Elio: Cost per 1 mpg: $80.95 (but only seats 2 people)

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