First Prius highway trip, horrible MPG

Discussion in 'Fuel Economy' started by swineone, May 16, 2015.

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    Wow-not bad for $25 and 12v
    My walmart CHEAPO 12v one wouldn't top 45psi
    and croaked after 3-4 years
    It was cheap-maybe $20 or so
    and pretty small-
    it always seemed to be working its guts out
    Guess they must have improved since I had that one about 2005(Katrina)
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    I've had this one for 3 or 4 years. My only complaint is the way preset operates. Since it is reading pressure as it is pumping, it is a little off. For example, if I set it to 40 PSI, you can watch it climb to 40 and cutoff, but the instant the pump cuts off, the display reads 37 or 38. I compensate for this by just setting the preset about 3 PSI higher than I want it. Still, for $25, I can't complain much.
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    Jay , I had that same exact compressor , but didn't have such good luck with mine. It lasted only about three months. I did use the gauge for another year or so until that crapped out, too.
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    After Katrina a buddy moved to Port Angelos(sic)
    a small town 80 miles W of Seattle
    He insisted I buy this old compressor he had had for 30 years

    He had several compressors-one HUGE one-220 V- 6 foot tall tank
    so he really didn't need this one
    Sold it cheap-$80 with hose +fittings
    He said I "needed it"
    Well I had been thinking of buying a cheap_$125 WalMart one-
    so he had a point
    But this one was/is really bulky-harder to store
    Well I put it in cat/ballet room and it sat for 5 years while I pumped tiures with my bike pumps
    Finally got smart-pulled the hose thru door-while cats were locked in kitchen(they go back and forth-kitchewn/cat room during the day so they have several windows to watch CAT TV

    Anyway-buddy was right-I needed it-works great!
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    That's kickin' it Old Skool, LOL.
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    Careful about that! I had one of those, and it failed to lift my car the second time I used it. Or rather, the first-and-a-half time. It got the car up in the air, and then let it back down again fairly quickly. It would have been bad to have been under it at the time...


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