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Discussion in 'My Ride' started by MnFocus, Apr 3, 2015.

  1. MnFocus

    MnFocus hanging member :)

    Hello CMPG-ers!

    long time no see! I see quite a few names I remember as well as A Lot of new names!
    Hypermiling and efficiency has really taken off. :woot:

    Been semi offgrid for awhile.
    BTW- Thanks Wayne for getting me back in here :)

    Been on a Trek6000 most of the time til winter 2013 when I broke a bone or two in my foot. Fair weather rider since. If there isn't a montser snowfall or 2" of ice- I ride. Have a few other non descript bikes as back up. The locals think I'm a bit nutty :Banane27:
    The 96 HX 5spd is still a mpg monster when I can drive more than the two miles to work. (My short commute skills in winter were never really all that good and happy to get original epa rating. Most of the time quite a bit less) The ol' 96 is in sorry cosmetic shape and is needing a tune & a few hard parts, but like the energizer bunny ...

    About a month ago another HX 5spd fell into my lap. This one a Vogue Silver 99 model So Dak car with a few blemishes on exterior and a near mint interior. Well taken care of but needing help to go. For $600 who could pass up? Another money trap I guess. Attached a pic of the better side. Drivers rear has a small but deep dent and car has the "peel apart clear coat". Don't judge the paint of the abode as it's a rental LOL

    My gf has called "dibs" on the 96. When her Durango 5.9 was down for repair, she used the 96 for 40+mile school commute for a week. Despite being a big ole Dodge lover, she saw the virtues of the Civic(even with its out of shape faults!). Was amazed at the economy even without hyperskills. When the 99's arrival was being discussed the words "can I drive the old one?" were uttered.

    It kind of feels odd owning 2 of the total production of 96-00 Civic HX's produced (3% of all Civics iirc).
    Gotta get the 99 back to road worthy & need to relearn my schtuff.

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  2. jcp123

    jcp123 Caliente!

    Very nice! HX's are little beasts for sure.
  3. MnFocus

    MnFocus hanging member :)

    Yes indeed James! Thank You.

    This one has a mechanical issue,but I'm sure I can throw enough informed money at it to make it right. Basics first then dig in to the tougher stuff. I'm a wannabe member of several enthusiasts sites and it tends to make my blood pressure rise when I see these awesome unappreciated cars ruined. You know the ones? Take a near mint to mint VX, HX or <insert any make/model that is mpg efficient here> and clap it out with anything with performance street cred. In the process, junk/toss/modify beyond use something that is nearly perfect for its intended purpose. Granted it's their money and their choice but at least flip it to someone who is wanting it(maybe even at a profit and move on to a closer more suitable iteration of what is desired.
    ~end my rant~ anyways sort of brings a tear to my eyes.

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