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    Over the next few weeks , I will take a serious look at buying a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV which has just arrived in Taiwan. The only other plug-in avalable is the BMW i3 (2 year waiting list). So if any one has any advice comments please let me know and it may prove helpful for when the US version arrives in 2015/16.

    Given that the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV has a Japan JC08 all electric range of 60km or 36m, I expect to get at least 50km with AC needed in Taiwan for the summer. My round trip commute is only 7m and with weekend short trips, I expect to get 70% EV annual use rate.

    Financially at 60k USD in Taiwan it makes no kind of sense but my eventual long term plan is to install PV and the PHEV will compare with a long range BEV. Currently in Taiwan other than BMW i3 or Mitsubishi PHEV nothing else plugged in is available. PHEV also suffers as it does not get the pure BEV 15% sales tax but the ICE 30% tax.

    Currently I drive a loaner which costs nothing with a 100k miles on the clock, Ford Tierra its a rebadged Mazda 6 of some kind. Its had a few issues over the last year, timing belt causing idle issues, water seepage from a back bumper hit and an attack of cockroaches. Hopefully after recent fumigation and repairs those isssues will go away. So I can wait for something else.

    Given for short trips we pile 5 adults and 2 children into an Accord, need a little more space than can be offered by the Prius PHV or more baggage space than the H Accord PHEV. Also with no idea when any of these will be available my patience is wearing thin. Ford energi would be a good choice.

    Any comments on reliability of Mitsubishi or any experience with Outlander PHEV in UK or AU that any one can share please let me know. I am not an SUV fan in general but Outlander PHEV is an interesting car.

    Thanks in advance
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    Need to wait for test drive of the PHEV as none are available but first impressions of the ICE version are that it is smaller than I thought (good thing) as I was expecting something like the Pajero. (pictures can be deceiving). Space for baggage is very ample, it will be interesting to see how much this will be reduced for the PHEV.

    Although the outlander is also made in Taiwan, the PHEV is only available by import from Japan. Apparently according to the dealer it needs to go through a 3rd country before import. Base grade Prius (also needs to be imported) retails here for about $40k, so I still believe the markup is not justified. Anyway according to the dealer in used mitsubishi (dealer test drive cars) he can reduce by about 6kUSD with probably less than 2,000m on odometer. But there are none available yet. For new he says that they can reduce the price by about $3600 off MSRP.

    So it is waiting game but look forward to a test drive.


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