Hot Pad pan heater install question

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  1. Sorry if I asked this somewhere here already. Can't find it if I did.

    I ordered 2 of these:
    Kat's 100 Watt heating pad

    They were in sale for $17.xx and free shipping when I bought them.

    I was originally thinking one for the van oil pan and one for the next car if it's an ice or put the 2nd on the Elantra oil pan.
    Due to an unfortunate turn of events this week, there may not be a next car anytime soon. ( got handed a 30 day we're cancelling your contract notice at my biggest account. The only reason I 'need' a car and a big chunk of my income. No reason given, but I think they are thinking they will get a better deal somewhere else. Oh well. Looking hard for more work now.) Anyway...

    I have 2 of these pads.
    What would you do?
    I am putting a block heater in the Van tonight. Heats coolant.

    1 pad on van oil pad, 1 on trans?
    1 on van oil, 1 on elantra oil pan?
    1 on van, save the other for the next car whenever it comes?
    Save 'em both for a car without a coolant heater?


    I guess I need some kind of high temp adhesive to glue them on the pans. Any ideas? Doesn't jb weld have a high temp version?
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  2. Ps. Ugggg- $1.00 in gas cycling the Rpms and temp up and down to get the coolant refilled.

    Guess it's better than the $180 the dealership quoted me to install the block heater.
  3. Ok. J B weld said its rated for 500 degrees or something. So I lightly sanded and cleaned the oil pan.
    The heat pad has 3m tape and just needs the adhesive for the edges. So I mixed some up and covered all the edges.

    The heat pad cord was too short to reach out the grille. Will have to pick up a 2 into 1 - 2-3 ft cord. Heat pad is only 100 watt and iirc block heater is 400 watt. 12 gauge should be good.

    Next on the list is a grille cover. Had one for the duramax van, should have kept it.

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