2015 Honda Fit Pricing, Options and Specifications

Discussion in 'New Automobile Specifications' started by xcel, Apr 9, 2014.

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    Yes, same here.

    I haven't yet decided which way to turn at that fork.
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    Nope. That's not creeeepy at all. :eyebrow:

    (typo, but decided to leave it in)
  4. xcel

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    Hi Andrew:

    They should be on dealership showrooms now. Have you taken a look ad had the chance to sit inside? I liked the rear seat leg room and total passenger volume but that front seat track was about an inch to short for my liking. No need for it to be that short given all of that rear seat leg room either. :(

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    None here yet... I'm watching.
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    My local dealer had two show up online over the weekend. I went over there at lunch to look. "No, they won't be here for another 6-8 weeks. Can I interest you in a Civic or Accord?"

    I used to love this dealer, but they got bought out. New management is doing all the classic Stealership things: overcharging for service, trying to sell you $2000 of service when you come for an oil change, shady advertising tactics, "required" dealer-added package, etc.
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    Hi All:

    Some more 2015 Honda Fit detail given the forum activity surrounding it today.

    2015 Honda Fit First Drive

    Honda had a packing expert on hand at the short lead showing what could be and what could not be packed in the back of the Fit and a Fiesta. Pretty cool that Honda thought to bring this lady in as she was really good and had a heck of a venue to show off the Fit’s larger and more usable interior volume.

    From the photo collage and competitive comparison board, I do not think there is any doubt as to the Fit’s true capability.

    B-Segment Cargo Volume Competitive Comparisons

    By the numbers…

    The Fit could hold all 7-pillows and all 4 boxes. The Fiesta could only hold 5-pillows or 2 boxes.​

    Sorry I did not get these out sooner as I knew I took them but just found them on the Canon.

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    My job puts cargo area and fuel cost front and center. Many, many times I put boxes of different sizes, shapes and weights in my car, with its 64 cubic feet of cargo area and 30MPG. I will never forget the time that it was impossible to fit 5 boxes of a certain dimensional weight. I missed by about two inches. It took one half hour to discover this, trying and trying different ways.

    The Fit would be a good fit. You would be surprised how much of a difference a few cubic inches makes. I dream of an HRV hybrid.
  9. PaleMelanesian

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    Yes, the Touring would beat the Fit for that duty. I wish the Fit was just a little bit longer for that reason. Does the front seat fold flat like the Fit's?
  10. tribosessive

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    No, unfortunately my front seat does not fold flat. I have to park frequently in urban areas, therefore I don't want to go too big. If I read correctly, the 2015 Fit will have 55 cubic feet of cargo area. That is a nice number. I would have taken fold-flat over leg room in the rear seats. Lack of a tall sixth gear is disappointing. I am jealous of that Tourer diesel they have on the Continent. One other thing, it is amazing how much cargo area there is. It is an optical illusion. Look at all that stuff the woman in the picture got in the Fit !
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    Shame about that. It seems to be the one thing that exempts my from otherwise really good cars. With a minivan now on hand a Fit would be a workable form factor for me. Not if the tall-driver ergo isn't up to snuff, though. I'd rather ride my bicycle everywhere than go through that again. (Oh, the horror, right? ;) )
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    Funny thing though, whenever I took bikes on a camping trip in the Escort Wagon, I got decent mpg... and they'd be on one of those tailgate racks... I guess it didn't have very clean separation back there and they made excellent vortex generators.... might not be the case on something more modern, but, may also not ding mpg as much as you think... if at all.
  13. xcel

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    Hi All:

    Here is the 2016 Honda Fit Pricing, up $140 across each trim over the 2015 MY.

    2016 Honda Fit

    TrimTransmission2016 MSRP2015 MSRP$ Inc./Dec.EPA Ratings (mpgUS city/highway/combined)
    EX-LCVT with Navi$21,065$20,925+$14032/38/35


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