Kammback try on a Honda FIT

Discussion in 'General' started by Die2self, Feb 17, 2014.

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    Ooooh. Shiny! :D
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    While I was finished washing the car I took the model out to the car and the side bridges are raked to much, so the sides our basically go straight down the glass instead of flare out like I had hoped. GRRRRRRRR

    I may have to design a smaller 6-8" version to see if I can get something on there. But I also need to work on putting the piece of lexanne under the engine to cover the hole there.
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    I also tried out a kammback on a Honda Jazz (european market Fit). I obviously did something wrong since it didn't work. But here are the results for anyone interested.

    They're "ABBAC" results.
    - Used the cruise control set to 80km/h according to OBD2
    - There was no traffic in front of me at any point
    - There was one stop in the trip (to turn around and head back)
    - Engine had reached 80C+ before I started
    - Ambient temp was 12C when I started and 11C after the last round-trip.
    - I looked for forced regens. One occurred at the first test round, but those results are not included here. Hybrid battery level showed about 70% for the duration of tests.

    My 12km round-trips:
    A: Without kammback, with airdam: 1st: 4,2l/100km
    2x B: With spoiler, with airdam: 1st: 4,3l/100km 2nd: 4,2l/100km
    A: Without kammback, with airdam: 1st: 4,2l/100km
    C: Without airdam and without kammback: 1st: 4,1l/10km

    Soo, all my mods, airdam and kammback included were actually hurting my mileage. Great success :thumbup:

    As for why the airdam was not helping is probably related to the fact that the Jazz has a quite smooth underbelly and a small factory installed air dam to begin with. Making the dam bigger did not seem to help. Why did the kammback not work? I have no idea.

    And finally some photos:



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