ScanGauge-II with X-Gauge for Sale ($100)

Discussion in 'For-Sale/Wanted' started by Mightymouse13, Sep 4, 2013.

  1. Mightymouse13

    Mightymouse13 Member

    Hello everyone! My trusted Scangauge-II with X-Gauge is up for sale. Its been used in a number of my vehicles and is truly awesome. I'm just going in a different direction and this needs a new home. It is in absolutely perfect condition and includes the cable.

    Since the new ones go for $159.95 shipped, I'm thinking since it is used I'll sell it for $100 shipped.

  2. rayholan

    rayholan Member

    Thought this is probably long gone. Still available? Can this be setup for 2002 Volvo S40 with 1.9L turbo gas engine? Thanks.

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