Who needs a truck when you have a Prius.

Discussion in 'Toyota Prius Family' started by msirach, Jul 19, 2013.

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    We drove the 2010 Prius about 350 miles north to the nearest IKEA store to get a few furniture pieces for our daughter apartment. IKEA gives product box specs on their website, so I carefully measured to estimate the capacity of the hatch area. A couch, chest of drawers, nightstand, 2 barstools, 2 step stools, and other small items are loaded in the hatch area with the 2 rear seats folded down.
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    If it fits it ships!
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    You fit a couch in a Prius??

    I have eyeballed our 2006-for road trip sleep in car do ability
    if I put a plywood piece-maybe 9" by 5 feet- I could span/fill the layed down rear to front seat back opening-and get 68" length-enough for 2 short adults to sleep- but Arty would be a problem-could pull the front passengers seat-get more room there?

    But I would not have guessed you could fit a couch and all that other stuff
    Do love fast backs-don't understand why all cars aren't fastbacks-they are so versatile-and have such naturally good aeros
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    It's IKEA charlie, it's probably more like a fouton than a showroom type couch ;). I've found the same thing with our Prius. It fit our 16' round pool (Intex) with no worries at all. Was a bit rough on the rear suspension though.
  5. phoebeisis

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    Yeah Arty is just fine traveling to the dog park in the Prius
    but she is OK with the Suburban also
    No gas guzzling shame in that dog!!
  6. msirach

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    No. It's not a futon. It is a love seat. The online specs said it was 70.625", and that was the length of the couch. I had to elevate the front of it to sit behind the headrest.
  7. ItsNotAboutTheMoney

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    I can assure people that 8'x12"×2" lumber fits as long as you're riding solo. Just lower the back of the passenger seat, lower the rear and it'll fit diagonally comfortably enough (no touching the dash) or vertical angle needed. I had 6 pieces. I have pictures somewhere.

    You should exoect a lot of flat pack stuff to fit. It's sized to fit in the back of a car. Ikea would be a lot less successful if a compact hatchback couldn't handle most items.
  8. brick

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    One of my favorite games with Prius and wagon alike is taking it to a big-box store and loading them with improbably large boxes. The wagon wins on size, but the effect is certainly more dramatic with the Prius.
  9. MadMan2k

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    I have an inflatable twin-size mattress we used to sleep in our '10.

    Most of the weight is supported by the floor or the back of the rear seats, just the front of the mattress hangs over the footwell. I just packed some of the road trip clutter underneath it so all the weight wasn't resting on the center armrest (which was slid all the way back to access the cupholders and 12V outlet in there).

    I ran it all night in Ready mode for climate control - started out with a 15 degree drop from outside temp at 10 PM and ended up about the same as outside temp by the middle of the night. I think it used between 1 and 2 gallons. It would cycle on and run for a minute or two, then shut off for maybe 10 minutes, and so on. I would have just cracked the windows, but my son was sick and couldn't get settled down in the heat, but running the A/C made him more comfortable.

    It was pretty comfortable overall (compared to sleeping on the hard ground on just a blanket), but if I was going to do it more often I would recommend a thicker roll-up or folding mattress for comfort and lack of noise when you move around. Can't really beat the inflatable mattress for size footprint when not in use, though.

    I think it's very feasable to get everything one or even two people need for a road trip in a Prius, and still be able to arrange it all so you can sleep in the back. A gallon or two of gas is still cheaper than a hotel room if you need to sleep somewhere hot.

    We were at the in-laws, so even though we had a lot of baby-related items we were able to put a lot of it inside. Just two adults traveling wouldn't usually need as much.
  10. CmaxVsPrius

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    I put my bike in the back all the time, without taking the wheels off. I brought my bike to the dealer when I bought it, just to test that.
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  12. Airbalancer

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    I have the best of all world , pick up, BMW ragtop and a Prius
  13. 08EscapeHybrid

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    No motorcycle?
  14. bestmapman

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    I put a brand new refrigerator in the back of my Prius. It just fit with the hatch open. I then tied down the hatch. Drove to my son's house with the hatch open and tied down and frig in the box sticking out the back. The loading dock guy could not believe that I fit it in when I drove off.
  15. Airbalancer

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    Have a bicycle does that count ?

    I did try to use the Prius as a service vehicle , but it did work out
  16. 08EscapeHybrid

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    I don't think a bicycle counts.
  17. xcel

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    Hi Mike:

    I think you are falling short as I see some more space to add some accessories up there on the left ;)


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