"JOD" for May 21, 2013

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  1. xcel

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    Hi All:

    Saw this FJ Cruiser with a plate LOLMPG on the way up to Elkhart Lake last week.


    Let's do a little math to help this guy out a bit.

    The 4.0L six mated to a 5-speed AT is rated at 19 mpg. He is probably receiving 18 mpgUS year round and at 15K miles per year (guessing here?) plus $4.00 per gallon, that comes to $3,333 USD per year in fuel or $277/month. This is fuel alone.

    Now if he were driving a 41 mpg rated Camry Hybrid to 40 mpgUS instead, his outlay for fuel to drive the same distance would come to $1,500 USD per year or $125 per month.

    What would $152.75 per month in a 6% Mutual fund do over the course of 10-years? It comes to 25,157.73 USD which would almost buy the Camry hybrid outright vs. nothing to show for it with the FJ Cruiser.

    Maybe he was LOL about his MPG and crying every time he had to fill the FSP at the pump?

  2. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    Owning that vehicle means never having to say "I'm sorry".

    I can't blame Toyota ; they're simply trying to give North Americans what they want.
  3. BillLin

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    Maybe the FJ owner was laughing at himself? (as Wayne wondered)
    ...as in laughable
    fuel economy. I would have enjoyed the FJ twenty years ago when I
    was into 4-wheeling. I had a Toyota turbo pickup with horrible mpg,
    probably due to poor driving habits. My dad drove an original Land
    Cruiser in the Saudi desert in his W.H.O. work in the 70s. I've appreciated
    4x4s since.


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